Anderson Cooper Sings Adorable Song With Andy Cohen's Son

Cooper has had enough of Clappy the Monkey.

Your two favorite famous playground dads are at it again. On Dec. 6, Andy Cohen shared a playful video of his son, Benjamin Cohen, and Anderson Cooper enjoying a musical monkey toy together. However, things quickly take a turn when Benjamin scurries away, leaving Cooper alone with the taunting toy. For further details on this adorable play date, read on, and for more on Cooper, discover The One Guest Anderson Cooper Banned From His Show.

The video posted by Cohen shows Cooper singing and clapping to "If You're Happy and You Know It," coming from a stuffed monkey named Clappy, as Benjamin happily claps along as well. Cooper is an excellent sport, even putting on a special voice to sing with the monkey. However, Benjamin eventually gets bored and moves on, leaving Cooper and Clappy alone.

"It's just you and Clappy, Anderson," Cohen says jokingly. Cooper faces the monkey, and the monkey says, "Clappy loves you this much," to which Cooper responds, "I'm not sure." Reassuringly, the monkey shoots back, "Really!"

When Benjamin comes back looking for another round of Clappy sing-alongs, Cooper starts the monkey up again. "Clap your hands with Clappy—that's me," the monkey says. "Yeah, I know," says Cooper, feigning annoyance.

Cohen cheekily captioned the video, "Spending A LOT of time with Clappy this morning. (AC and I have some issues with Clappy that we can get into at a later date … )"

This isn't the first time this dynamic dad duo has made everyone on the internet smile. Here are four more adorable fatherhood moments between Cooper and Cohen, and for more celebrity baby news, Mindy Kaling Just Defended Her Children's "Caucasian Names" on Instagram.

When the two friends introduced their sons for the first time

Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper introducing their sons to each other
Bravo / YouTube

On June 21, Cohen invited Anderson and his son, Wyatt Cooper, on Watch What Happens Live for a virtual Father's Day celebration. The two fathers introduced their sons for the first time before they met in person in September. And for more celebrity content delivered straight to your inbox, sign up for our daily newsletter.

When their sons were crowned People's "Cutest Baby Alive" back-to-back

Wyatt and Anderson Cooper

In 2019, Cohen's son was named People's first-ever "Cutest Baby Alive." In 2020, the honor was bestowed upon Cooper's son, proving this pair of friends truly has the cutest children of all. And for more offspring of the stars, check out these Celebrity Kids Who Look Just Like Their Parents.

When Cohen gave Cooper his son's hand-me-downs

Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen with baby Benjamin Cohen

While Cooper was on The Late Show, he told Stephen Colbert that his son's wardrobe is mostly made up of Benjamin's hand-me-downs. And for another cute celebrity kid, Pink's 9-Year-Old Daughter Just Debuted Her Incredible Singing Voice.

When the two families shared a nanny

Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen with

Cohen knew early on that Cooper was getting an adorable new addition to the family, and he offered him his trusted nanny. Now, the friends share the nanny. And for a celebrity kid who's all grown up, Steve Jobs' 22-Year-Old Daughter Is a Model Now.

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