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Friend of Al Pacino's Pregnant Girlfriend on Their Age Gap Relationship: She "Just Loves Old People"

The Scarface actor is 54 years older than the mother of his future child.

On May 30, news broke that Al Pacino is about to be a father again. At 83 years old, the Godfather star is expecting a baby with 29-year-old Noor Alfallah. The actor's representative confirmed to Entertainment Tonight that Alfallah is eight months pregnant. The child will be the first for her and the fourth for Pacino, who also has a 33-year-old daughter, Julie Pacino, with Jan Tarrant, and 22-year-old twins, Anton and Olivia Pacino, with actor Beverly D'Angelo.

While Alfallah and Pacino have been linked since April of last year, according to ET, Alfallah has also made headlines for her connection to other older celebrities, including Mick Jagger and Clint Eastwood.

Now, a friend of Alfallah's has spoken out about her attraction to much-older men, saying that the expectant mother "loves old people." Another source attributed the connection to her "old soul." Read on to find out more about Alfallah and their romance.

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Alfallah has been linked to other older stars.

Prior to dating Pacino, Alfallah dated Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger in 2017 and 2018, according to E! News.

Their relationship was confirmed by Alfallah, who posted a photo cuddled up to Jagger on Instagram. "Our ages didn't matter to me," she told Hello! (via the Daily Mail). "The heart doesn't know what it sees, it only knows what it feels. It was my first serious relationship, but it was a happy time for me."

In the following years, Alfallah was also spotted with billionaire Nicolas Berggruen, 61, and Eastwood, 93, but she told Hello! that Berrgruen was just a friend. She has posted about him frequently on Instagram and in 2019 she posted for his birthday, calling him "My bestie for life!" As for Eastwood, she told the Daily Mail in 2019, "We're family friends, and my family was there and that's it. My parents were there, other friends were there. Trust me there's no relationship." Alfallah was also seen out with director Eli Roth, 51, in 2018.

Sources say that she enjoys spending time with older people.

Online reactions to Alfallah's pregnancy news and her dating history include accusations that she's a "gold digger," but a source told Page Six that this is not the case and that her family is wealthy. Another source said that she is legitimately attracted to older people, and that they appreciate her youthful spirit.

"She is a good girl with an old soul, but she has a spirit that is very youthful," a source said. "She is fun. A guy in his 70s or 80s would feel young around her. She has a generosity of spirit."

Additionally, a friend of Alfallah's told Page Six, "She is very positive and not an opportunist. She loves old people and these guys are fascinating." The same friend said that she became close with disgraced director Brett Ratner and an older family member of his. "She became best friends with Ratner's grandmother," the unnamed source said. "When his grandmother needed cataract surgery, Noor got up at 5 a.m. to go with his grandma and him."

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Her friend is concerned about the pregnancy, however.

The friend who spoke with Page Six also said that Alfallah is close to her parents and her siblings. They anticipated that her family might have an issue with her pregnancy.

"The mom is Jewish and the dad is from Kuwait," the source said. "With a father who's Kuwaiti, to have a baby out of wedlock [may be a big deal]. The dad is an open, cool guy. He is a modern guy. But having a child out of wedlock is another step."

Some claim the pregnancy was a surprise.

Al Pacino at the BAFTAs in 2020
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On May 31, TMZ reported that a source close to Pacino and Alfallah said that the pregnancy came as a surprise to the Godfather star and that he was not planning to have another child.

Similarly a source claimed to Showbiz411 that Alfallah "knew Al didn't didn't want to have more kids" and that "they have no relationship" at the moment. Another insider claimed that "lawyers have been working on this for months," and said that Pacino asked for a prenatal DNA test. A source also alleged that Alfallah told Pacino that she couldn't have children due a thyroid issue.

Showbiz411 reported on the finances of Alfallah's father, Fallah Alfallah, who pled guilty to a federal tax evasion charge in 2017 and filed for bankruptcy in 2022.

Best Life has reached out to Alfallah and to a representative for Pacino for comment.

Alfallah is a film producer.

She's making headlines right now for her personal, life but Alfallah's career has also been in the news. In 2021, Deadline reported that Alfallah and her sister, Remi Alfallah, had signed a production deal with Imagine Entertainment. The article notes that Alfallah was previously vice president of Sony's Lynda Obst Productions. She went to undergraduate school at the USC School of Cinematic Arts and got her master's degree in film and television producing from UCLA. Her IMDb page notes that she produced two short films and has two projects in the works.

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