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Tourist Duped By Pic of Hotel's Infinity Pool—That's Really a Hot Tub

Thankfully, the sleight led to some serious laughs.

We've all been there. You find a hotel online that looks like a modern-day version of paradise, complete with an Olympic-sized pool, a lush garden, and a rooftop deck, and arrive to find a veritable scrap heap with a bunch of water filled in an abandoned dumpster.

Such is what happened to Jenny Kershaw, a social media user who found what appeared to be an amazing hotel in Vietnam on, completely with a sun-drenched infinity pool, and arrived to find a dark, tiny hot tub instead.

She shared her website versus reality photos on Twitter, where they promptly went viral, gaining over 72,000 retweets in just 5 days.

The steps leading up to the pool are so small they couldn't even fit the word "welcome" on the mat.

People thought it was hilarious.

Not to mention, a striking indictment of how everything on the Internet is a lie.

Some even compared it to the experience of kittenfishing in online dating.

In their defense, travel websites are doing their best to crack down on hoaxes like this one, which is probably why reached out to Kershaw shortly after she posted the photos, asking her to send information about the hotel to customer service.

Kershaw declined to do so, however, saying she found the whole situation kind of hilarious. What's more, the photos on the hotel's website have now been conveniently "updated" anyway to reflect reality.

Eagle-eyed sleuths on social media have identified the hotel as the Mari Gold Hotel & Apartment in the coastal city of Da Nang. It's got a 9.2 score in reviews and is one of the best-selling properties in the area, according to the site. In all fairness, the booking only promises "a hot tub," without giving any indication of size and scope.

Another look at the jacuzzi shows it's not really so bad, but it also proves that angles and lighting are everything in photos.

hotel in vietnam posts photo of its small hot tub.

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