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USPS Is Suspending Services Here, Starting Friday

The agency is planning to close several facilities throughout January.

With the hectic holiday shipping season in the rearview mirror, the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) is eager to return to its regular mail operations. But as is so often the case, the new year has brought along new problems—and hasn't solved the ones left over from 2022. As a result of multiple issues, the USPS is planning to suspend services at certain facilities throughout January. Read on to find out where the agency is planning to curtail operations, starting this week.

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The USPS has suspended services around the U.S. for several reasons.

USPS mail vans parked outside of the post office

The Postal Service makes regular operational adjustments. According to the agency, its services can be changed or suspended when "unusual circumstances" arise. This may include, but is not limited to, "staffing fluctuations, severe weather [and] natural disaster," the USPS explains on its website. Over the past year, we've seen this play out time and again.

Temporary closures may be short-lived or they can be extended for an uncertain amount of time, as seen by several postal facilities that remain closed after an extended period.

Back in October, the USPS temporarily closed both the Pemberton Post Office in Ohio and the Stanley Post Office in New York "due to safety concerns." Both facilities are set to remain closed "until further notice," as the Pemberton Post Office is dealing with fire damage and the Stanley Post Office is undergoing roof repairs with an undetermined "timeframe for completion."

The USPS also suspended all operations at the Wisner Post Office in Louisiana on Nov. 19 "due to safety concerns." The facility in Wisner also needs repairs, and the agency indicated that this post office will remain closed "until repairs can be made" as well.

Now, the Postal Service is preparing to add new facility closures to its roster.

The agency is closing a different post office this week.


The newest update to the USPS Service Alerts tool announced another new post office closure. On Dec. 30, the agency released an alert warning consumers that it will be temporarily closing its facility in Stanton, North Dakota, in the new year. According to the Postal Service, all retail operations at the Stanton Post Office "will be suspended effective Friday, Jan. 6."

To accommodate affected residents during the closure, the USPS said that all mail and services will be moved to the post office in Hazen, North Dakota. The Stanton Post Office and the Hazen Post Office are roughly 13 and a half miles apart.

"Retail hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Saturday, 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.," the Postal Service said in reference to the Hazen facility. "Customers are reminded to bring proper photo identification for mail and package pickups."

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The Postal Service has not determined when the Stanton Post Office will reopen.

Flag at half staff infront USPO building.

Operations are being directed away from the Stanton Post Office "due to water damage and asbestos abatement," the USPS said in its alert. The state of this facility is dire enough that a separate Jan. 3 news release from the agency indicated that there was a chance mail could have been damaged. Fortunately, it was not: "All mail has been recovered," the Postal Service confirmed.

Despite this, there's no telling when customers in Stanton will be able to return to their regular post office once services are suspended this week. "No timetable has yet to be established for the resumption of retail services," the USPS said in its news release. In the earlier alert, the agency had said that there was "no current estimate on when the office will re-open" for service.

"USPS apologizes for any inconvenience to our customers," the Postal Service said. "When mail service issues occur, we take steps to quickly resolve customer concerns."

This is not the only facility set to close this month.


The Stanton Post Office closure is the latest announcement from the Postal Service, but it's not the only January closure. Back in November, the USPS revealed that two other post offices are set to shutter temporarily this month as well.

Following Stanton, a contract postal unit (CPU) in Mack's Inn, Idaho, will be closing, effective Jan. 15.

"As a convenience to its customers, the Postal Service offers CPUs around the nation, such as the one located in Mack's Inn. [But] the current provider has chosen to terminate their contract, and we will be forced to close this CPU," the agency said in a Nov. 18 press release. "The Postal Service conducts regular discussions with contractors regarding service and terms and it is our full intention to provide service at another, yet undetermined location. We do not anticipate any interruption to mail service."

Then at the end of the month, the post office in Mountlake Terrace, Washington, is set to close, a Postal Service spokesperson confirmed to MLTnews. According to the news outlet, the postal agency will lose ownership of this facility on Jan. 31 when its lease for the building expires.

"The owner of the property where the Mountlake Terrace Post Office is located is not interested in renewing the lease," USPS spokesperson Ernie Swanson told MLTnews.

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