This Viral Video of a Cow Entering a College Classroom Will Make Your Day

This is udderly ridiculous!

a cow in a field on a bright bluebird day

On Sunday, Twitter user @akashbanerjee shared a video of a cow casually sauntering through a lecture hall at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Bombay, which is often referred to as the "MIT of India."

The 20-second clip shows the cow strolling into the classroom during a session, seemingly unperturbed by the teacher's and students' attempts to shoo it away. The video has gone viral since it was first posted, gaining more than 336,000 views and inspiring plenty of jokes.

But what we really want to know is, did the cow manage to pass its exams?

And how did the teacher feel knowing he had been so blatantly usurped?

We can only imagine they eventually were able to grab this matter by the horns.

And if you want moooooore cattle content, check out these 23 Photos That Prove Cows Are Too Adorable for Words.

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