If You Hate Texting, You're Over This Age, Says New Research

If you're older than this, chances are you always prefer a good old-fashioned voice conversation.

Say you're planning to meet up with some good friends and you reach for your trusty smartphone to confirm your plans. Do you choose the call feature or do you go straight for the text option? The way you answer this question very likely reveals your age, according to a new poll.

The survey comes from YouGovUK, which asked people to reveal their preferred method of communication. It probably comes as no surprise that the younger the age of the individual polled, the more likely they were to opt for texting. But the poll also revealed the exact age at which people preferred a good old-fashioned chat: 55 and older.

In its survey, YouGovUK asked people where they stand regarding this statement: "I'd rather receive a text than a phone call." Fifty-five percent of everyone polled preferred a text over a phone call. But breaking it down by age, 72 percent of 18 to 39 year olds agreed, and 61 percent of 40 to 54 year olds preferred texts, too. But the 55-plus set? Well, they'd rather talk on the phone. Nearly half—49 percent—disagreed with the above statement about preferring a text to a call.

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The research notes that those who prefer to text are also more likely to blame their texting preference on "mental weaknesses" in areas such as social skills and concentration span.

Texters are also more likely to say they don't like confrontation, the survey's findings showed.

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