Stray Dog Reunites with Owner After Three Long Years, Goes Viral

Spoiler alert: This will give you happy tears.

man reunites with his dog, jorge, after three years of him living as a stray.

Because dogs have been bred to depend on humans over the course of centuries, the canine-human bond has been scientifically proven to be like no other. Which is why there's nothing more heartbreaking than this video of a dog barking excitedly to see her owners come to get her at the shelter, only to realize they are there to get another dog. Or to see the video of this dog literally sobbing when he realizes he's been abandoned.

Now, a new video making the rounds on the Internet is also making everyone cry, but, luckily, these are happy tears.

In 2015, Giorgi Bereziani, 62, of Tbilisi, Georgia, lost his beloved dog, Jorge. For three years, he combed the streets looking for him, put up flyers, all to no avail. Then, recently, a miracle occurred. Giorgi received a call from the workers of an opera house saying they had spotted a stray dog in the area that matched Jorge's description. Giorgi immediately hopped on a bus and raced to the scene.

He saw his sweet black and white pup lying tired and dirty near a tree, with a yellow tag on his ear to indicate he had been picked up by animal control and was vaccinated and released back onto the streets. "Jorge, is that you?"  Giorgi cried. "Jorge, it's you! Oh, dear boy, how are you, boy?"

At first, the exhausted dog doesn't even register the voice calling out to him. But when he realizes it's his human, he is beside himself, crying and wagging his tail and jumping on him in disbelief. He is a stray no more. He is home.

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