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Beloved Stores That Are Disappearing From Your Town

Some of these iconic stores will soon be a thing of the past, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

The COVID pandemic has affected every aspect of life. While nothing compares to the tragedy of the more than 200,000 lives lost at the hands of the virus, many other people have been plagued by other health and financial struggles—and businesses are no different. As the economy plummeted and stores were forced to close their doors during the height of the pandemic, many retail companies felt the ripple effects. Due to COVID, we've lost many of our favorite stores this year. Some companies have filed for bankruptcy, a handful have shut their doors permanently, and others are trying to stay afloat by closing a huge portion of their locations. Here are some of the beloved stores that are closing due to COVID. And for other former favorites that shuttered pre-pandemic, check out 17 Once-Beloved Department Stores That Are Now Defunct.

Lord & Taylor

Lord and Taylor store with closing sale sign

This iconic department store announced on Aug. 27 that they would be going out of business and had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Lord & Taylor's financial hardships predated COVID: the chain was sold to Le Tote in 2019 in an attempt to breathe new life into the brand. However, it was not enough to keep the company alive once COVID hit. And for more businesses at risk, check out One-Third of These Popular Destinations Won't Survive the COVID Pandemic.


nordstrom store entrance

In May, the classic department store Nordstrom announced they would be closing 19 of their 116 stores, per Business Insider. The department store chain plans to keep all 250 of their Nordstrom Rack stores in operation.

Century 21


On Sept. 10, this New York-based department store filed for bankruptcy and the company revealed all 13 locations would be closing. Century 21 co-CEO Raymond Gindi noted that the business had survived other hardships, including the devastating impact of 9/11. But he says now, due to COVID, Century 21 has "no viable alternative but to begin the closure of our beloved family business." And to see which seasonal store may not be coming to your town this year, check out The Most Popular Halloween Store Won't Reopen 90 Percent of Its Locations.

Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus storefront in the sky

Neiman Marcus filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in early May, according to NPR. However, you may still see this shop in your local mall. The department store chain is only saying goodbye to 22 of its 43 stores, for now, says Business Insider.

J.C. Penney

Fort Collins, Colorado, USA - July 19, 2013: The J.C. Penney location in Fort Collins. Founded in 1902, J.C. Penney is a chain of department stores with over 1,100 locations.

On May 15, J.C. Penney released a statement saying they filed for bankruptcy, and stores would begin to close in phases. According to USA Today, two days later, the company announced that 192 stores would be closing by February 2020, with 50 more planned to shut their doors in the following fiscal year. J.C. Penney's 604 highest performing locations will remain.

Stein Mart

A Stein Mart location in Rochester Hills, Michigan. Stein Mart is a chain of department stores in the US.

The 112-year-old company announced that they would be shutting all their stores on Aug. 13. The popular discount store with 280 locations across 30 states filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy due to "the combined effects of a challenging retail environment coupled with the impact of the coronavirus," Stein Mart CEO Hunt Hawkins said in a statement. And if you're shopping from home more these days, check out The Best Way to Save Money While Shopping Online, According to Experts.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath and Beyond Store {Discount Shopping}

On July 8, this home goods superstore released a statement that they would be closing 200 stores over the next two years. Recently, on Sept. 21, they announced which 63 stores would be the first to go.

Pier 1 Imports

Pier 1 Imports store with closing sign

Your favorite spot for curated home goods filed for bankruptcy in mid-May. The stores are currently winding down and preparing to close with a going-out-of-business sale. And for another place to get home goods, check out 20 Gorgeous Pieces from Drew Barrymore's Walmart Home Collection.

Signet Jewelers

Zales store

The parent company of Kay, Zales, and Jared announced, on June 9, that at least 150 U.S. stores would not reopen after closing during the COVID pandemic. Additionally, the company said they aim to close a minimum of 150 additional stores by the end of the fiscal year.

Sur La Table

Signs on a Sur La Table in Santa Barbara, CA announce the store's closing

On Sept. 14, this high-end kitchen supply store announced that about half of its locations would be getting cut. The company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in early September and announced they would be closing 56 of their 121 stores, USA Today reports. Later, Sur La Table revealed 17 more stores were closing, which leaves only 55 locations standing. And for more useful content delivered straight to your inbox, sign up for our daily newsletter.

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