The 6 Best Luxury Destinations for a Post-Holiday Detox

These exotic rehab resorts offer the best vacation from vice.

Celebrities often cite exhaustion as a flimsy cover-up for checking in to rehab. Whether or not dating a supermodel and sipping Dom with the Kardashians is draining, there are valid reasons to take 28 days to wrestle with your issues—be they mental, fiscal, or chemical. That's where the red-carpet set have it right: They simply take a 12-step vacation, drying out on a tropical beach or on horseback in Malibu. If you have a demon or two you'd like to confront while enjoying a great view, consider doing battle in one of these first-class facilities. And for more travel coverage, check out these 35 Best Reasons To Take A Vacation.

Betty Ford Center, Rancho Mirage, California

betty ford center rehab

Founded by the former First Lady, the Betty Ford Center takes a tough-love approach. All patients, even stars, must participate in chores, and they're allowed only four phone calls per week.

Cost: Variable per level of care
Takes insurance? Yes
Contact: 1-866-261-3734,

Cirque Lodge, Sundance, Utah

best detox rehab vacations

Making the most of its mountain location, Cirque Lodge offers an outdoorsy program that combines standard clinical programs with physical challenges to help guests overcome addiction. The private rooms have fireplaces and spa tubs to relax therapy-strained muscles.

Cost: $48,000 for 30 days, $77,000 for private rooms
Takes insurance? No
Contact: 800-582-0709,

Crossroads Centre, Antigua

antigua country names

To help others overcome drug and alcohol problems as he did, Eric Clapton opened this beautiful beachside clinic. Massage, fitness programs, yoga, and therapy make up the regimen. According to Clapton"s letter on the Web site, the center allows clients to experience a whole person wellness approach to recovery. A nice place to ponder your relationship with your own strange brew.

Cost: $24,000 for 30 days
Takes insurance? No
Contact: 888-452-0091,

Harmony Place, Woodland Hills, California

woodland hills california

This facility features gourmet chefs, private suites, and equine-assisted psychotherapy. As part of the 12-step program, the staff looks for psychiatric causes of addiction and develops personalized treatment strategies. The center has only six beds in an 8,000-square-foot estate.

Cost: Variable per level of care
Takes insurance? Yes
Contact: 855-627-1417,

Promises, Malibu, California

Surfrider Beach Malibu

The most famous of the new generation of resort-like rehabs, Promises specializes in celebrities and other high-profile patients, says a staffer. Unlike at other clinics, patients are taken out into public situations as quickly as possible rather than staying sheltered on-site, so pack something nice. Most rooms have fireplaces and balconies.

Cost: About $55,000 for 30 days
Takes insurance? Yes
Contact: 888-478-1456,

Silver Hill Hospital, New Canaan, Connecticut

silver hill hospital rehab in Connecticut
Facebook/Silver Hill Hospital

Many facilities treat only addiction, but Silver Hill recognizes that addiction is often tied to a psychiatric disorder and treats both. Patients at the 12-step oriented hospital enjoy use of an indoor pool and a fully equipped gym on grounds that resemble those of a New England college campus.

Cost: Variable per level of care
Takes insurance? Yes
Contact: 866-542-4455,

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