Man Bites Police Dog Xander and is Jailed for Eight Months

This is what happened when a criminal took a bite out of a crime dog. 

Police dogs often accompany law enforcement agency officers for a variety of reasons. They can sniff bad guys and drugs, chase people, intimidate them, and in extreme cases, bite. It is far more common to hear a story about a police dog (or any other dog for that matter) biting a human than the other way around. However, one man English man was recently jailed for taking a bite out of a crime dog. 

An England Man Was Jailed for 8 Months

Humberside Police

Matthew Boulter, who lives in Grimsby, England, recently pleaded guilty to assaulting an emergency services worker, causing unnecessary suffering to an animal, assault, criminal damage and two counts of battery. As a result, he was jailed for 8 months. 

He Assaulted an Officer

police officer speaking into radio

According to reports, the 34-year-old man was approached by officers after a series of assaults was reported. When the officer went to arrest him, he punched and kicked fencing towards the officer, resulting in a minor injury. 

Then, He Bit the Dog

Xander police dog
Humberside Police

That is when the police dispatched the canine crime crusader, PD Xander, who was nominated for a National Police Bravery Award in 2021 for his role in chasing down an armed gunman in Scunthorpe, to assist with the arrest. However, Boulter continued to resist arrest and bit the animal on the head and then grabbed him, twisting his collar. 

He Was Arrested and Sentenced

Judge with a gavel

Eventually, Boulter was arrested for assault against three individuals and also for causing criminal damage earlier in the day. "Assaulting emergency service workers is not acceptable, and our police dogs provide vital assistance to us. They are part of the police family," said  Detective Sergeant Thomas Crosfill of Humberside Police. "The earlier incidents occurred in a very public location and will have caused distress for the victims and passers-by. We want to ensure our towns are safe for people to live, work and visit, so I am pleased that Boulter was quickly arrested and sentenced for these offences. 

The Dog Was Back at Work the Following Day

German Shepherd working dog, police K9 unit black shepherd finding drugs narcotics, policeman handler in uniform training canine, searching vehicle

As for PD Xander? "Thankfully, PD Xander quickly made a full recovery and was back at work the next day." Apparently, you can't take a good police dog down!

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