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10 Most Relaxing Tourist Attractions in the World, New Study Reveals

These sites could help your cares melt away on your next trip.

While most people are inspired to travel to experience new and exciting parts of the world, the most rewarding part of a well-planned trip can often be finding a way to relax. Whether it's appreciating the serenity and natural beauty of a public garden or letting your cares melt away in the soothing waters of a spa, even some of the world's top tourist destinations still have options for those looking to unwind. And now, a new study has determined a list of the most relaxing tourist attractions in the world.

To come up with their rankings, a team of researchers from scoured online travel reviews for sites around the world and tallied the number of times the word  "relaxing" was used for each. For the purposes of this study, the results excluded any places that were built specifically for relaxation, such as spas or luxury hotels—except for sites that incorporate natural thermal springs into the experience.

Looking to jet off and feel the stress melt away? Read on for the most relaxing tourist attractions in the world.

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Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria (Australia)

A wide shot of the Royal Botanic Gardens in Australia with a pair of benches in the foreground
Shutterstock / Richie Chan

Mentions of 'relaxing' in reviews: 950

Sometimes, an oasis of peace in an urban center can be one of the quickest and easiest ways to access natural beauty. The Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria in Melbourne, Australia, is celebrated for just that, combining the Melbourne Gardens and Cranbourne Gardens in its offerings. Its 950 mentions earned it a spot in the top 10 and also ranked it as the second most relaxing destination on the continent.

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Jardin Majorelle (Morocco)

The Jadrin Majorelle in Morroco
Shutterstock / Serenity-H

Mentions of 'relaxing' in reviews: 1,061

The combination of lush, natural beauty and stunning architecture can be unforgettable. The Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech, Morocco, serves as one such example, where vivid blue Art Deco buildings designed a century ago by French painter Jacques Majorelle blend with Islamic art and the serenity of a botanical garden. Its ranking also places it as the most relaxing destination in Africa, according to the study.

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St. Stephen's Green (Ireland)

A view of St. Stephen's Green in Dunlin with people sitting on grass
Shutterstock / Kit Leong

Mentions of 'relaxing' in reviews: 1,104

It may not seem like it's hard to come across anything green when in Ireland. But for those in the country's bustling capital of Dublin, St. Stephen's Green offers the kind of quick escape and peace that have made it a cherished public park. Its 22 acres feature paths for perusing flowers, duck ponds, and plenty of green grass perfect for spreading out and relaxing.

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Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools (New Zealand)

The Hanmer Springs Thermal Pool wtih an entrance ramp
Shutterstock /

Mentions of 'relaxing' in reviews: 1,113

The seemingly magical ability that the warm waters of a spa have to melt away stress is one that humans have harnessed for millennia. Coveted spots like the Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools are a perfect modern example, which melds the natural geothermal traits of the location with modern spa treatments, entertainment for children, and plenty of nearby hiking and biking trails to explore between soaks.

Gardens by the Bay (Singapore)

A view of the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore
Shutterstock / Richie Chan

Mentions of 'relaxing' in reviews: 1,138

The Gardens by the Bay have long been celebrated as a way to escape the busy streets of Singapore for a moment of solitude. As the most popular site in Asia on the list, visitors flock to it to experience the Supertree Grove and OCBC Skyway, Flower Dome, Cloud Forest, and other outdoor gardens—but especially the world-famous Garden Rhapsody light show that takes place every evening.

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Parque del Retiro (Spain)

The Crystal Palace at Parque del Retiro in Spain
iStock / Jorgefontestad

Mentions of 'relaxing' in reviews: 1,781

Those who need a moment of relaxation while exploring the vibrant streets of Madrid will likely make their way towards Parque del Retiro. The iconic 350-acre city park has plenty of natural features, such as gardens and lakes, as well as art galleries, event venues, and monuments.

Luxembourg Gardens (France)

A long view of the Palais Luxembourg and the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris, France with flowers in bloom
iStock / vkovalcik

Mentions of 'relaxing' in reviews: 1,828

Meandering the romantic streets of Paris can be a calming experience in and of itself. Still, locals and visitors who want to feel especially relaxed in the City of Light know to head to Luxembourg Gardens. The iconic park is a year-round must-see and a great way to recharge between decadent meals, world-class museums, and high-end shopping.

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Thermae Bath Spa (England)

A Roman Bath in Bath, England, surrounded by columns
iStock / eugenesergeev

Mentions of 'relaxing' in reviews: 3,457

There's arguably no greater testament to the long-understood benefits of relaxing in warm water than the Roman structures at Bath. And while the U.K.'s only thermal spring was constructed in 70 CE, it's seen plenty of modern additions that continue to draw visitors from all over looking to soak and socialize.

Széchenyi Baths and Pool (Hungary)

A person swimming in the Szechenyi baths and pool in Budapest, Hungary
Shutterstock / RossHelen

Mentions of 'relaxing' in reviews: 3,581

Budapest is something of an under-the-radar destination for many North American travelers, but those who make their way to the Hungarian capital will often plan for some downtime at the Széchenyi Baths and Pool. As one of the largest spas on the continent, it features 15 indoor baths surrounded by ornate neo-Baroque and neo-Renaissance architecture. Those looking to unwind all night can also visit during one of the bath's "sparties," which turns the location into a relaxing nightclub.

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Blue Lagoon (Iceland)

Geothermal Blue Lagoon
Bhushan Raj Timia/Shutterstock

Mentions of 'relaxing' in reviews: 4,050

Even for a country that has become a top tourist destination, it's hard to picture Iceland without thinking of the Blue Lagoon. It's legendary beauty has made it a travel bucket list mainstay, thanks to its unique and stunning aquamarine-colored waters and white silica-rich mud used for facemasks and skin treatments. The best part? Its location near Keflavik Airport makes it easy to visit even as a stopover on flights to continental Europe.

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