Dad "Rescues" Dog's Injured Toy Bear in the Cutest Photo Ever

We're gonna need an IV drip, stat!

If you have a dog, you know many of them have a stuffed best friend that they love almost as much as their favorite human.

They go on walks together, provide one another with emotional support during bath time, and, crucially, take lots of naps.

So, when the father of Twitter user Michaella realized that the teddy bear of their dog, Lucky, had had a bit of accident, he knew he had to act fast.

teddy bear roadkill

Luckily (no pun intended), there was still a pulse. Time was of the essence. CPR was administered.

dog's stuffed best friend

The operation was a success and the patient is recovering nicely. Also, yes, Dad made the IV bag himself, which is simply amazing.

dog's stuffed friend

Michaella shared her father's messages on Twitter, where they immediately went massively viral and made everyone smile.

But the thing that really melted hearts everywhere was the photo she shared that clearly showed Lucky and his partner anxiously lying at the bear's bedside.

They're very concerned and they do not understand the term "visiting hours."

And once the tweet went viral, other people started sharing how they, too, find themselves administering surgery on stuffed animals that have had a bit of a day.

And if you thought this tale was heartwarming, you'll love this viral photo of stray dogs patiently waiting for their human to be released from the hospital.

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