This Enormous Lion Getting a CAT Scan Will Melt Your Heart—Video

The footage of Tomo the Lion is going viral.

Tomo the Lion has a bit of a boo-boo. The majestic, 448 pound beast, who lives at the zoo in Columbus, Ohio, had been suffering from a gum infection that just wouldn't heal. So, in order to thoroughly inspect the infection, zoo vets had to place him into a CAT scanner. The zoo posted a video of the procedure earlier this week, and it quickly went viral.

Firstly, it's really endearing to see a wild animal going through this kind of procedure, and the footage makes you want to reach out and give Tomo a hug really badly.

Secondly, the wordplay of a big cat getting a CAT scan was not lost on the Internet.

Don't worry, though. The scan was a success, and the 14-year-old lion has been put on anti fungal medicine and is recovering nicely.

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