Kim Kardashian Just Posted a Slew of Nude Photos to Promote New Fragrance

The master Internet breaker is at it again.

When she's not busy defending her husband for his Twitter rants, Kim Kardashian is fully engrossed in promoting her blossoming beauty empire. So when she announced that she was releasing a new fragrance called KKW Body, she did so in classic Kim Kardashian fashion: by posting lots of tasteful, artistic nudes.

Many of the photos feature her entire body covered in clay, as she revealed that the perfume bottle, available on April 30, will feature a mold of her actual body.

As stunning as the photos are, a lot of people thought that the idea to make the perfume bottle in the form of a woman's body without arms, legs, or a head, was a bit of a rip-off of the iconic perfume bottle of Jean Paul Gaultier's 1993 perfume Classique.

Kim Kardashian is pretty used to getting criticized for her nudes, and oftentimes, she simply doesn't respond. But, on Friday, she addressed the accusations of plagiarism, telling that while she's "always loved the Gaultier bottles" and believes the design is "iconic and celebrates the woman's body," she took her inspiration for her perfume bottle from statues. She also said that hers was different because it was an exact mold of her own body, because she wanted it to be really personal.

To see more of Kim Kardashian's statuesque body, check out her last slew of nude selfies that broke the Internet.

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