Hotel Surprises Jenna Fischer with Hilarious "Office"-Themed Birthday Gifts

The staff of the Langham Hotel in Pasadena know their TV trivia.

hotel throws jenna fischer office-themed birthday party

On March 7th, Jenna Fischer will be turning 44 years-old. And because she's still so close with her co-stars from The Office, it was heartwarming to see her opening presents from them on E!'s "Busy Tonight" last week, and even more exciting to watch Steve Carell himself surprise her at the end by jumping out of a box.

But the nods to the beloved NBC sitcom didn't end there. Last night, Fischer and her husband were staycationing at the Langham Hotel in Pasadena, California, when the hotel staff surprised her with her very own themed birthday.

First, there's the banner that simply reads "IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY," which is a nod to the episode "Lecture Circuit: Part One," in which Dwight and Jim throw a pathetic make-up party after forgetting Kelly's birthday, and Dwight comes up with the most Dwight sign ever. "It's a statement of fact," he says, when Jim suggests it might not be altogether festive.

it is your birthday the office

Of course, the ubiquitous "Dunder Mifflin coffee cup" was part of the collection, along with the teal teapot that Jim gives Pam in the episode "Christmas Party." The teapot plays a major role in their romance, as Jim decides to put a note in it to confess his feelings to her, then takes it out at the last minute. He finally gives it to her in the penultimate episode, and while we never know what it actually says, it must have been pretty amazing because it essentially saves their marriage.

jim gives pam the teapot

Given how thoughtful it was, it's no surprise that Fischer's photos of the birthday surprise on Instagram got a lot of love from fans of the show. And for more fun coverage of everyone's favorite sitcom, find out what Pam said to Michael in their last scene together!

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