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15 Jaw-Dropping AirBnBs from Around the World That Won't Break the Bank

You don't need to be a millionaire to have your own private island.

Nowadays, a hotel is much more than just a place to catch some shuteye. When people book lodging for their getaways, they look for comfort and convenience, but they also expect amenities, aesthetic, and a one-of-a-kind experience. Unfortunately for our wallets, hotels that offer these types of luxurious accommodations don't come cheap. But there is hope yet: Rental website AirBnB offers lodging with the conveniences we crave for a fraction of the cost.

Whether you're planning a romantic getaway to Europe or getting the girls together for a relaxing retreat, you'll want to check out these 15 AirBnBs that will make your trip truly unforgettable. And if you're looking for ways to make your trip as stress-free as possible, check out these 35 Brilliant Travel Hacks!

Treehouse Getaway; Matapalo, Costa Rica

Treehouse Getaway Metapalo Costa Rica airbnb

Hidden away in the canopies of Costa Rica, this three-story treehouse is the perfect home base for couples looking for some alone time. Every morning the sun rises to highlight picturesque ocean views and a private path to the beach, and the calls of birds and other native wildlife will serve as the soundtrack to your once-in-a-lifetime vacation. The cherry on top? Bookings start at just $206 per night. If your budget calls for something a little more exotic, check out these 10 Most Expensive Airbnb Rentals in the U.S.

Image via AirBnB

Tiny Home Escape; Atlanta, Georgia

Tiny House Atlanta Georgia airbnb

Have you ever dreamed of trading in your overwhelming estate for a much more manageable tiny home? Okay, so maybe you can't just pack up everything and move, but what you can do is rent a tiny home on AirBnB and get a taste of the minimalistic life.

This one in Atlanta, Georgia, is straight off of a Pinterest board, with beds hidden behind sliding panels and a cozy fire pit in the backyard. Bookings start at $78 per night, so grab them while you can! If you're a lady looking to trek out for your first solo adventure, check out these 15 Ways to Be a Safer Female Solo Traveler.

Image via AirBnB

Castle Holiday; Monselice, Italy

Castle Monselice, Italy airbnb

Oenophiles and wannabe princesses alike will enjoy their stay at Castello di Lispida, a centuries-old castle situated on 220 acres of land. Starting at $204 per night, guests enjoy access to everything from a private heated pool open year-round to the property's ancient wine cellar. Plus, the town offers scenic bike paths and renowned mud therapy treatments. For more travel escapes, check out these 15 Best Under-the-Radar American Escapes.

Image via AirBnB

Beachside Boathouse; Algarrobo, Chile

Boathouse Algarrobo, Chile airbnb

This boat-shaped AirBnB is reason enough to consider Chile for your next family vacation. Though this house costs $515 a night, it's a bargain when you consider the 6 beds, hot tub, tennis court, and beach views.

"The views of the ocean are astonishing, and you are constantly surrounded by the lulling sound of the waves crashing," two happy guests wrote after their stay. "This house is incredible." For more travel on a budget, check out these 10 Stunning American Resorts Under $150-a-Night.

Image via AirBnB

Igloo Experience; Pelkosenniemi, Finland

Igloo Pelkosenniemi, Finland airbnb

Snow bunnies with a yearning to be one with nature will want to keep this icy AirBnB on their wish list. For $128 per night, you can experience living in an actual igloo—but if you get cold, you can always retreat to the heated apartments nearby free of charge. If you're lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of the famous Northern Lights. For more on travel in Finland, check out this One Book You Should Read Before Visiting Finland.

Image via AirBnB

Farmstead Fun; South Kortright, New York

Horse Sanctuary South Kortright, New York airbnb

If you're looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of the world, then look no further than the Rosemary Farm Horse Sanctuary. As the name suggests, this AirBnB is home to more than 70 horses, all of whom you'll meet on your complimentary walking tour of the property. If you're willing to get down and dirty, you can even help the farm hands with chores around the property—but, of course, that's completely up to you. Prices start at $149 per night for this sanctuary in the Catskills.

Image via AirBnB

Lush Hideaway; Rognes, France

Vineyard Rognes, France airbnb

We know what you're thinking: Surely a trip to France is going to cost me an arm and a leg! Let us assure you, though, that by staying at this vineyard retreat in the South of France, you can keep your limbs and feel like you are at a 5-star resort. Without ever leaving the property, you can enjoy hiking, archery, swimming, and breathtaking views of the vineyards. Escape to the nearby villages, and you'll find museums, shopping, and history galore. At just $101 per night, you're guaranteed to get your money's worth.

Image via AirBnB

Hollywood Home; Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs, California airbnb

Step inside this historic house in Palm Springs and you will be transported back in time to 1920s Hollywood. Maybe it has something to do with the vintage décor, or maybe it's just the history of the house—this is the very place where Ava Gardner met Frank Sinatra, after all. This property's outdoor pool and rooftop balcony once served as the venue for countless A-list parties, and now it can be your little slice of paradise for just $250 per night.

Image via AirBnB

Seashell Sanctuary; Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Seashell Home Isla Mujeres, Mexico airbnb

If mermaids could walk on land and invest in real estate, I imagine their homes would look something like the Casa Caracol. There's a reason that this residence is known as the Seashell House: From the headboards of the beds to the faucets of the sinks, quite literally everything inside (and outside) is made to look like a seashell. It's no wonder that guests say this AirBnB is "straight out of a Dr. Suess book!" Bookings begin at $308 per night.

Image via AirBnB

Homey Houseboat; Amsterdam

Houseboat Amsterdam airbnb

Lining the streets of Amsterdam are more than 100 kilometers of picturesque canals. Some hotels offer views of the canals and the boats that occupy them—but why settle for just a view when you could actually stay on the canals?

This houseboat situated in the center of Amsterdam is an opportunity to experience Amsterdam like a local. And as the waves of the canals rock you to bed, you'll sleep soundly knowing you spent just $177 nightly on your lodging. For more on global travel, check out The 5 Best Exotic Getaways for 2018.

Image via AirBnB

Mushroom Dome Dream Home; Aptos, California

Mushroom Home Aptos, California airbnb

The Mushroom Dome Cabin is just about as close as you can get to staying outside without dealing with all the pesky bugs. There's a reason this place is the #1 AirBnB in the world: With its geodesic dome loft that looks out onto the forest, the cabin makes you feel like you are sleeping in the trees.

If you can manage to pry yourself out of bed, you're just a short distance away from beaches, hiking and biking trails, and aquarium. Rates start at just $125 per night—but book while you can, because this place has been known to fill up months in advance!

Image via AirBnB

Isolated Island; Vesteroy, Norway

Private Island Vesteroy, Norway airbnb

A little bit of isolation can do a person good every now and then. Enter this private island in the archipelago of Hvaler: it's quaint, scenic, and there aren't any neighbors in sight. Whether you're looking for some artistic inspiration or just a quiet vacation from city life, this small cottage is the perfect home base for you. When you want to interact with humanity, you can use the motorboat provided to head into town and make your rounds. Otherwise, $245 a night gets you total seclusion and serenity.

Image via AirBnB

The Secret Garden; Ermelo, Netherlands

Secret Garden Ermelo, Netherlands airbnb

If the idea of heading into the wilderness with no Wi-Fi scares you, then let us introduce you to the garden room. Situated in a luscious garden in the Netherlands, it has all the appeal of a getaway in the woods with internet connection to boot. Not to mention, this small cabin is minutes from countryside bike paths and just an hour's train ride from Amsterdam. For $68 per night, this garden room may just have it all.

Image via AirBnB

Eco Retreat; Sunrise Beach, Australia

Eco Retreat Sunrise Beach, Australia airbnb

Does the idea of a meditative, relaxing vacation by the beach in Australia make your heart skip a beat? If so, you'll want to check out the Noosa Tree Top Eco Retreat. For just $118 per night, you will wake up to floor-to-ceiling views of the Australian Bush National Park and enjoy access to a sunbathed hammock, yoga studio, and outdoor candlelit baths. All of the nearby attractions are walking distance, so when you're ready to explore the town, just throw on your shoes and meander on over.

Image via AirBnB

Glamping Getaway; Wimberley, Texas

Glamping Wimberley, Texas airbnb

When people think about Texas, the last thing that likely comes to mind is rapid creeks and outdoor getaways, but this Retro Airstream is here to change that. With a hot tub, fire pit, hammock, and of course, the great outdoors, this trailer offers more entertainment than you could ever wish for.

Step inside the trailer itself and you'll find yourself transported back in time with a completely retro décor. Interest? Rentals start at just $145 per night. For more on romantic getways, check out The 50 Best Ways to Relax with Your Partner.

Image via AirBnB

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