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How to Spend $10,000 Now

The smartest ways to treat yourself.

Have 10k lying around? You could invest it. But where's the fun in that? Here are 10 ideas for how you can extinguish that fire burning in your pocket.

Loro Piana double-breasted cashmere overcoat

Loro Piana double-breasted cashmere overcoat

A classic style in baby cashmere made by the premier Italian cashmere house equals pure luxury with staying power.
$9,995 at

Seven Dreamers Caddie Bag

Seven Dreamers Caddie Bag

When you consider that upstart Japanese golf company Seven Dreamers will happily sell you a single golf club for $120,000 (the shaft is made of gold), the fact that they also make a caddie bag worth $8,500 + tax seems almost a bargain. They build the bag with space-grade carbon fiber typically used in satellites, employing a spine structure called T-System that can withstand a powerful impact. (If you have their expensive clubs, you'll want that.) The whole thing is wrapped up in beautiful black leather. If Darth Vader were a fan of the links, this is the bag he'd be using.

Gucci Women's Crocodile Bamboo Convertible Handbag

Gucci Womens Crocodile Bamboo Convertible Handbag

Maybe you want to spend your 10k on someone else. If that someone else is a woman, chances are that she has a bit of a thing for expensive purses. Show her you care by dropping $9,800 on the acme of accessories.

A bottle of Chivas Regal Royal Salute

Chivas Regal Royal Salute

Queen Elizabeth II was crowned in 1953. In 2003, in honor of Liz being on the throne for half a century, Chivas Regal decided to bottle some of the scotch that had been quietly aging for the whole of that time. The result was 255 bottles of Chivas Regal Royal Salute. Incidentally, the most expensive bottle of scotch ever sold must make this stuff seem like mouthwash. In January of 2014, a single bottle of Macallan "M" from 1940 sold at a Hong Kong auction for a jaw-dropping $631,850.

The Ultimate AirBnB on the Cote d'Azur

Villa Semaphore

What has eight bedrooms, 13 beds, a heated infinity pool and breathtaking views of the Mediterranean? Why, Villa Semaphore on France's stunning Cote d'Azur, of course. It can be yours (for the night) for $10,265, though you'll need to put even more than that down (10,000 euro) as a security deposit, just FYI.

First Class Transatlantic Flight

British Airways First Class

Popping across the pond? You can snap up a first-class ticket on British Airways and fly from London to New York for $9,149. Well, not New York exactly, but the extremely adjacent and only slightly less glamorous Newark, New Jersey. When you arrive in jolly old England, you can tell your new mates that you've just flown in from a city with a name that's an anagram of "wanker."

Make out in zero gravity

People floating in Zero-G

Intimacy with another person is all about eliminating distractions. And what can be more distracting than gravity? It's forever tugging you downward. So here's your plan to thwart this tyrannical force: take your loved one on a ZERO-G flight. Per the company, "A modified Boeing 727-200, G-FORCE ONE™, performs parabolic arcs to create a weightless environment that allows you to float, flip and soar as if you were in space." During the 90- to 100-minute flight, you'll experience more than seven weightless minutes of heaven for just $4,950 + 5% tax per person.

Lacroix Ultime Black Skis

Lacroix Ultime Black Skis

Like to ski? If you're ready to drop about $10,000 on these planks, you probably really, really love to ski. The company made just 100 pairs of them, boasting of a double-layered titanium alloy that's high-performance and supremely durable.

Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 883

Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 883

Go on! Get a Harley!This little number is a Sportster, a Harley line that goes all the way back to 1957. It'll set you back $8,849; including tax, you're looking at about 10 G's. But you'll also be looking totally badass, so who cares?

1966-'67 Marshall JTM50 "Bluesbreaker" Combo Amplifier

1966-'67 Marshall JTM50

Members of the Rolling Stones, Free and Fleetwood Mac all did stints in the British blues-rock band John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers, but its most famous alum is undoubtedly Eric Clapton. It was on the Bluesbreakers' first studio album, 1966's Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton that Clapton's guitar tone helped shape the artistic and commercial development of rock-styled guitar playing. Much of that tone was provided by this classic Marshall amp that you could pick up for a cool 10k. Will it make you sound just like Slowhand when you play? Sure, why not?

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