The Most Beautiful Women at Coachella Right Now

The festival may be the world's biggest gathering of scantily clad women.

Every April, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival draws the most popular and influential artists in music. ​But as anyone with an Instagram account knows, the glitzy nine-day throw-down in the California desert also becomes a magnet for the world's most beautiful women, who flock to the festival in droves and post as many scantily-clad selfies as they can. (Hey, it's in the desert, after all.) So read on—and rest easy knowing that if you can't make this year's Radiohead or Lady Gaga show, you can still enjoy the festival's best scenery.

Jessika Villegas

The Head and the Heart may be playing the stage this year, but we have no interest in the Seattle indie rockers while Villegas here, clad in Princess Leia–inspired tops, has utterly captured ours.

Sara Sampaio

Portuguese model Sara Sampaio, who has appeared everywhere, from Victoria's Secret campaigns and the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, has been dressed to kill every day of the festival.

Marta Carriedo

Marta Carriedo runs a lifestyle blog, and we have rarely been more thankful for anything than her sexy chronicling of Coachella.

Samaria Regalado

Samaria Regalado boasts an illustrious history with music—she danced in high school and has starred in multiple music videos—so, naturally, she's at Coachella. We're not complaining.

Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandra Ambrosio is, by now, a household name, having been a staple of both the Victoria's Secret fashion show and fraternity walls for years. Her presence at Coachella, a gathering for hot people as much as it is for musicians, was to be expected (and certainly is appreciated).

Camila Mendes

Unlike years past, being a Victoria's Secret model requires being more than, well, super, super attractive. In addition to fitting that particular requisite, Chanel Iman here has embarked on an acting career, having recently appeared in the Sundance hit Dope.

Shay Mitchell

Shay Mitchell happens to be the star of Pretty Little Liars, which is deeply ironic, because all we want to do is whisper to her pretty little truths.

Gabriella Lenzi

Gabriella Lenzi has been romantically linked to soccer superstar—and world's luckiest guy—Neymar, who was presumably too busy on duty with FC Barcelona to spend every second possible with this Brazilian bombshell.

Ana Sofia Henao

It's fitting that Kaleo is playing the festival this year, because their hit, "All the Pretty Girls," perfectly captures attendees like Ana Sofia Henao here.

Nabilla Benattia

Does anything more really need to be said about Vanessa Hudgens?

Veronica Ferraro

Veronica Ferraro, fittingly, runs a website about fashion and fitness. As you can see here, she's certainly embraced both throughout her Coachella romp.

Emily Ratajkowski

It's safe to say we're fans of Emily Ratajkowski, so we're glad to see the festival put her in a dancing-in-a-bikini mood.

Taylor Hill

As was decreed, well, we're not sure where exactly, but someone decreed it somewhere: "There cannot be enough Victoria's Secret models in one place." Ah, hell, we'll decree it here. Taylor Hill—along seemingly every Victoria's Secret model under the sun—has blessed Coachella with her presence this year and proven our creed correct.

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