15 Easy Ways to Be More Charming

Upgrade your semi-charmed life to a wholly-charmed one.

If you're under 80 and can pull off a wink without a trace of irony or creepiness, you're two things: incredibly rare, and incredibly charming. More power to you. Charming people tend to waltz through life with a lilt in their step, pulling off an effortless cool that woos and wows people in every social situation. And you may assume that it's an innate gift—you either have it or you don't—but the fact is that, like everything else, having a charming attitude is a skill. Which means it can be learned, practiced, and mastered.

Yes, if you're looking to be more social, more approachable, or overall more friendly, you'll have to head back to school—though, blissfully, not literally. With that in mind, we've gathered these easy-to-master tips and tricks that are sure to knock the socks off anyone lucky enough to enter your sphere. Consider this your master class in the charm offensive. And for charming of the romantic nature, check out How These 50 Famous Men Wooed the Women of Their Dreams.

Use positive observations as icebreakers.

Two Businessmen Talking Charming

Awkward silences: meet your new enemy, the positive observation. There's nothing worse than sitting in an uncomfortable silence with someone while quickly scanning through all forms of small talk in your head, deciding which is the least painful. Instead of idle chitchat, learn from other charming folks by picking out one positive observation about the person you're trying to speak with. Saying "I love your shoes. Where did you get them?" goes a lot farther than, "So this weather we're having…". For more on wielding your charms in the workplace, check out these 20 Ways Emotional Intelligence Can Make You a Better Leader.

Make eye contact.

Couple Making Eye Contact Charming

If you really want to turn up the charm, make eye contact. There are few things that say "I'm listening" more than direct eye contact. According to research of Miami University, researchers found that participants who communicated with direct eye contact, rather than an averted gaze, thought more highly of their fellow conversationalist. In fact, participants using eye contact found that their counterpart was more socially savvy and empathetic—two qualities that ultimately charmed them. And for more on charm school etiquette, check out these 20 Social Etiquette Mistakes You Should Stop Making by Age 30.

Say less, listen more.

Woman Listening to Man Charming

Cut out all of the daily distractions and just listen to what another person is trying to tell you. When someone is sharing a story, it can be tempting to interject with details of your similar experiences, but this may send a signal to the other person that this conversation is only benefitting you. Instead of interrupting, let them speak their piece before you share any comments. Researchers from the State University of New York have even discovered that those who listen more effectively in conversations earn the complete trust of the people divulging sensitive information. That said, don't lose their trust by immediately spilling the beans (no matter how juicy the secret may be).

Know everyone's names.

Men Shaking Hands Charming

If forgetting names is an issue that you deal with often, it may be time to play the name game. For starters, it's entirely understandable that upon meeting a crowd of five or more people that your brain begins to shut down after the second person has introduced themselves. When you're first being introduced to someone, repeat their name back to him or her to emphasize that at least you care enough to remember them. Aside from that, simple tricks using rhyming and alliteration can help you remember Dave as: "Dave Needs a Shave." It's not so nice, but he'll appreciate it when you remember his name at the brainstorm session.

Show vulnerability.

Showing Vulnerability Charming

Vulnerability is completely human—and something that most humans tend to hide at all costs—especially in the corporate world. Researcher Elliot Aronson discovered this when he had male students of the University of Minnesota listen to tape recordings of people taking a quiz. Those who made mistakes, or, for instance, spilled coffee on themselves, ended up being perceived as more charming in the eyes of the research participants. As it turns out, there's nothing more charming than letting your defenses fall and admitting your vulnerabilities in a confident way that says your weaknesses don't control you.

Respect your partner.

Happy Couple Charming

Come on, folks—this one should already be a no-brainer. If you're not treating the one person on the planet who loves you the most with the utmost respect and compassion, then you definitely need to reevaluate a few things in your life. Respect those close to you and others will see you as the kind and compassionate person that you are. For more on reading your partner's emotions, check out how to Read Your Partner's Mind with These 10 Body Language Tells.

Always look for common ground.

People Arguing Charming

The next time you find yourself in a heated argument, take a step back and assess the situation more carefully. Researchers from North Dakota State University found that more agreeable people are viewed more positively than those who engage in arguments. Participants also retained a higher view of themselves through maintaining a more agreeable nature. At the end of the day, there is perhaps nothing less charming than involving yourself in a petty disagreement with a coworker. In order to avoid escalation, find some common ground. Instead of arguing over your differences of opinion, try to find a point that you both agree upon, and go from there.

Admit your mistakes—and own them

Friends Talking in Cafe Charming

It's simple—own up to your mistakes. Lying and avoiding your way through life will only make you look smaller to others. Further, coming to the realization that every mistake and setback is a part of you and should be fully embraced, can be truly powerful on its own. Not only will it renew your own confidence, it will make others value your honesty.

Respect your waiter

Man Respecting Waiter Charming

This rule applies to all encounters with people in the customer service industry—treat them with respect. According to Dr. Frederic Neuman, how you treat waiters and waitresses can say a lot about your own personality. Further, your romantic partner will be keeping an eye on how you treat any customer service employee. Yelling and screaming at a retail employee will not deepen their desire to help you find what you're looking for—and others around you will only see you as an elitist jerk.

Smile at strangers.

Girl Smiling at Stranger Charming

Yes, city slickers, you do have time to be kind to your neighbors. A friendly nod and smile goes a long way and shows that you're not so wrapped up in your own world that you forget about the existence of other human beings. Even better, you'll begin to notice things about your commute or the new cute coworker that you would never have previously.

Stop staring at your phone

Couple on Phones Charming

Your Instagram feed will survive without your careful supervision for five minutes. This rule especially applies to any situation that should command your entire attention—like if you're being confided in or someone asked for your advice on an issue. This person trusts your insights—don't blow it.

Mind your manners

Minding Manners Charming

As it turns out, your mother was right—saying please and thank you can get you a first class ticket into charm school. Be appreciative of those actions that others do for your benefit because if karma doesn't get you first, those nice deeds will soon vanish from your world.

Upgrade your image

Stylish Businessman Charming

The way you dress each day communicates a message. If you take the time to present yourself in a sharp way, with a careful attention to detail, others will perceive you as a conscientious and enigmatic presence. On the other hand, if you're a sloppy, unassuming dresser, this communicates to others that you have low self-esteem, and would rather fade into the background. Command the room by dressing sharply, and soon others will buy into your charms. To boost your image, master the 15 Genius Tricks for Appearing More Attractive.

Meditate to achieve mindfulness

Woman Meditating Charming

Before taking command of your wardrobe, take command of your mind. If you're not already practicing mindfulness, meditation can be a great way to achieve a heightened sense of self. While mindfulness boasts a myriad of different benefits, one of those most crucial to the journey through charm school is the ability to perceive and affect the emotions of those people around you. Sending a warm smile to your friend who may be more down than usual is truly charming. And for more on mindfulness, check out these 20 Ways You're Stopping Yourself from Being More Mindful without Realizing It.

Be happy

Happy Woman at Work Charming

Finding true happiness within your life can light up any room you walk into, and ultimately affect countless others along your daily escapades. More often than not, people look to surround themselves with friends and allies who are positive and upbeat. Look on the brighter side of things—that's where the charming truly begins. And for more on the pursuit of happiness, check out these 70 Genius Tricks to Get Instantly Happy.

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