Do Cats & Dogs Fake Sick? A Viral Twitter Thread Proves the Answer's Yes

A viral tweet prompted people to share some tales of their cats and dogs faking it for the vet.

If you love your pet, you probably rush them to the vet any time they so much as sneeze, only to find out that you were being a bit hysterical. Well, one pet owner recently shared a story about taking her cat to the vet that had a hilarious ending. It went viral and prompted other people to share stories of their cats and dogs faking sick.

On Jan. 4, Twitter user @PaladinAmber wrote that her cat, Louis, "had been showing signs of dying, not drinking, not eating, sleeping and hiding." So she took him to the vet, who informed her that his vitals were fine and it seemed like he might have gotten into a fight with a neighborhood cat and lost and was now feeling salty about it.

She couldn't stop laughing at Louis' resentment over losing in this "cat fight club," and neither could the internet—her story was retweeted more than 126,000 times in less than a week.

The thread soon turned into a forum for pet owners to share their own funny stories about dramatic cats and cranky dogs faking sick. Like this Twitter user, whose cat was pretending to be sick just so he could snag some of the tasty wet food the vet would use as a bribe.

Or this feline who was "acting sick," and it turned out she was just loudly protesting the fact that her owners were going on vacation. "Cost $700 to find out she was being dramatic," the conniving kitty's owner wrote.

Or this other cat who "pretended he was dying," because his human had a baby and he wasn't getting as much attention as he wanted.

But dogs can be adorably manipulative as well, like this pup who would limp any time he saw a suitcase in the hopes that his owners wouldn't go away if they thought he was hurt. That's strategy, right there.

Of course, they're not always pretending; pets can suffer from depression, just like humans. One Twitter user took her dog to the vet because he kept wetting himself, and found out he had extreme anxiety and had been secretly "comfort-eating" cat biscuits.

Or this dog who was "traumatized" by a possum living under his home that had hissed at him.

It's just more proof that, when it comes to emotions, animals really aren't so different from us humans.

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