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34-Day Civil War Cruise With Relative of Jefferson Davis Is Charging $24,700

It will be led by the great-great-grandson of the president of the Confederacy.

If historic landmarks and documentaries are your jam, then pack your powdered wigs (or perukes, if you're fancy like that) because there's a new Civil War cruise in town. American Cruise Lines is expanding its sailing offerings with a brand-new voyage: a monthlong trip to nearly all major Civil War battlefields that will stretch across 12 different states, as well as Washington, D.C. If you've already toured our nation's most historic cities by foot and have a mere $25,000 lying around, consider swapping next summer's Disney World travel plans for a history cruise instead.

American Cruise Lines's Civil War cruise will set sail on May 4, 2024 from New Orleans, according to The Points Guy. It is dubbing the trip as "the first and only cruise of its kind." The 34-day expedition will traverse the Mississippi and Potomac rivers, the Intracoastal Waterway, and the Chesapeake Bay. The ship will make a total of 31 stops, including sites for the Battle of Port Gibson, Battle of Shiloh, and Battle of Fredericksburg. The trip ends at the Battle of Gettysburg.

The ship will dock in cities rich in U.S. history, including Savannah, Charleston, Washington D.C., Alexandria, and Baltimore. During these excursions, passengers will go sightseeing and visit important landmarks. And American Cruise line promises "recognized authorities will share in-depth, untold stories of the people, places, and events that took place during this historic time when our nation was divided."

However, there will be a bit of musical chairs with ships involved for different segments. While guests will initially depart on the American Melody, in order to reach all the sites and waterways, they will transfer to two more ships during the trip: American Symphony and American Eagle.

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Individual tickets currently start at $24,700. While costs can rise based on boarding accommodations (rooms with a view or more amenities may be more expensive), the starting package price includes a basic room, all meals, a daily cocktail hour, Wi-Fi, activities, transportation between cruise ships, as well as a one-night pre-cruise hotel stay. Additionally, your booking comes with onboard entertainment and lectures hosted by Bertram Hayes-Davis, the great-great-grandson of Jefferson Davis. As some history buffs may recall, Davis was the Confederacy's president.

"This cruise is one of the most wholistic views of the Civil War ever offered," Hayes-Davis said in an American Cruise Lines statement, according to The Points Guy. "Guests will experience the people, places and events of the war as they visit the battlefields and stand where history was made. This is a unique opportunity to see the entire scope of the battles of the Civil War and put them in context to each other and the entire conflict."

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American Cruise Lines's first-ever Civil War cruise will take place from May 4, 2024 to June 6, 2024. Tickets are available to purchase, so if you plenty of money and free time available, then secure your spot while you still can.

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