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Top 10 States for Women to Visit Solo, New Data Shows

Researchers looked into different factors, including safety and community friendliness.

The idea of traveling solo is definitely appealing: You set your own agenda, eat at the restaurants you want to try, and skip any of the sightseeing that doesn't pique your interest. Female travelers are particularly interested in traveling on their own—and they're actually doing so more and more often, according to data collected by pet-sitting platform TrustedHousesitters.

From 2021 to 2022, there was a 193 percent increase in women booking overnight stays by themselves, with current numbers pointing to "an even greater surge" this year, a press release TrustedHousesitters provided to Best Life reads. If you're one of the women planning to set out on your own, and wondering where you'll have the best experience, consider booking a trip to one of 10 states that are ideal for solo female travelers.

TrustedHousesitters compiled its 2023 Solo Female Traveler Report by evaluating factors "that impact how attractive a destination is for both retired and remote-working female travelers." (The rates of women in the retiree age group traveling alone were particularly high, rising 146 percent between 2021 and 2022.) To determine which states were the best for solo female travelers, the site collected data on the existing popularity with female tourists, WiFi access and speed, women's safety, and community safety and friendliness.

Read on to discover which states you should add to your list of travel destinations.

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sunflower field in kansas
TommyBrison / Shutterstock

TrustedHousesitters points out that the Sunflower state is "often overlooked for travel," but solo female travelers shouldn't write this destination off.

In addition to its extremely friendly populace (per a subjective survey of friendliest U.S. states determined by U.S. citizens), Kansas offers "iconic barbeque, gardens, starry nights, and an abundance of 'world's largest' landmarks," according to the TrustedHousesitters report.


Wonderful sunset from secret cove on the tropical island of Maui, Hawaii

Ahead of Kansas was Hawaii, a truly beautiful spot that's also safe for female travelers.

"Where Hawaii lacks in promised internet speed, it certainly makes up for in appearance! Despite being a popular dream destination for families and couples, it's a preferred destination for solo female travelers as well, as women make up a majority of overnight house and pet sitting stays with TrustedHousesitters," the report reads.

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New Hampshire

Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire

Solo female travelers excited for leaf-peeping season should definitely consider a trip to New Hampshire.

The report points out several benefits of exploring this Northeastern state, including the opportunity to see "mountains, coasts, forests, ports, caves, towns, and cities," all in a single day.

Even better, out of all 50 states, New Hampshire also has the fourth-lowest rate of violence against women, according to TrustedHousesitters, citing data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI) Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) program.

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Ouray, Colorado main street

Head out West to check out another popular destination: Colorado. According to TrustedHousesitters' findings, it's safe for women who want to travel alone—and it's also among the friendliest states.

"Women traveling solo will surely enjoy a unique space with serene mountain views in a state that offers tons to do, for both people and pets alike," the report reads.



Minnesota is another Midwestern state to make the list, and it's actually the friendliest state in the country, per TrustedHousesitters.

"Women traveling solo to Minnesota are sure to feel at home wherever they find themselves—whether it's exploring the thousands of lakes, getting lost in the largest shopping mall in America, or brushing shoulders with the many friendly locals, who are sure to welcome you with open arms (and open paws)!" the report states.

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annapolis maryland with state capitol buildings

If you work remotely and want somewhere scenic to post up, look no further than Maryland.

According to TrustedHousesitters' report, the Old Line state is the third-safest for women, and it also has the fastest internet speeds. (Average internet speeds for each state are determined by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission.)

"You can look forward to bustling cities and scenic waterways to explore without connectivity headaches," the report reads.

Rhode Island

colonial homes in newport, rhode island
Albert Pego / Shutterstock

Rhode Island is the second-most popular state for solo female travelers—per TrustedHousesitters' data on total overnight pet-sits completed by these women. The site attributes Rhode Island's popularity to the fact that it's a walkable state with a stellar community safety rating. (The safety rating is the highest in the nation, as determined by data from the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security.)

According to TrustedHousesitters, this New England destination is a great spot for women who love seafood, beautiful beaches, and "quaint, colonial landscapes."

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The aerial view of the beach town, fishing port and waterfront residential homes along the canal Lewes Delaware

Delaware strikes a balance between a small-town feel and ample opportunities for exploration. It's another historic spot, also offering museums and tax-free vintage shops that you'll want to discover on your own. As the cherry on top, female travelers can feel safe and secure in Delaware.

"As the second safest state in the nation with the fourth-best internet speeds, Delaware positions itself as a perfect place to explore as a solo female traveler," TrustedHousesitters' report reads.


independence hall in philadelphia
Sean Pavone / Shutterstock

Pennsylvania is the runner-up in terms of the best states for solo female travelers. The Keystone state offers plenty of history and things to do, whether you want to explore the cities of Philadelphia or Pittsburgh, or relax in the countryside.

It's a safe spot for solo female tourists, according to TrustedHousesitters, boasting excellent internet speeds for those who are hard at work, and friendly residents to interact with.

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red farmhouses, orange trees, and rural land in Reading, Vermont at sunrise

The top destination for solo female travelers is yet another Northeastern state: Vermont.

"Layered with seemingly unlimited trails to explore with a four-legged friend in tow and the most museums per capita, the northeastern state offers women a perfect R&R getaway," the TrustedHousesitters report states.

Vermont truly earns its spot as number one, boasting the lowest rate of violence against women and the highest rate of women who report feeling safe.

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