16 Insane Photos of the “Bomb Cyclone”

The first major storm of the year is freezing everything in its path.

16 Insane Photos of the “Bomb Cyclone”

On Thursday, a great portion of the East Coast was battered by a “bomb cyclone”—which sounds like a slushie you would get at Wendy’s. (Official name: “bombogenisis.”) And while the trendy titles for this winter storm are funny, the blizzard itself is no laughing matter.

More than 46,000 people are without electricity, at least 8 million people are under blizzard warnings, and 58 million are in the path of this storm, which stretches from Virginia to Maine. Tragically, as of 11:28 am on Thursday morning, 16 people have already died as a result of Winter Storm Grayson, and it is expected to worsen toward in the evening.

Along with snow, the East Coast is experiencing some record-breaking frigid temperatures thanks to a cold blast that has transformed much of New England into a veritable ice sculpture. Stay safe, and stay warm! Once all that snow has settled and it’s time to get it off of your driveway, you can check out this genius hack that’s shovel-free. Until then, bundle up and check out the insanity that’s going on, and remember the 12 Genius Ways to Stay Warm This Winter. 

 Lake Thunderbird, OK - Cool ice formations from waves splashing over the branches and freezing

Waves Are Freezing In Place

In Lake Thunderbird, Oklahoma, waves are freezing as they splash over branches, encasing them in ice.

lake erie breakwall in ice

Breakwalls Are Turning to Ice

The breakwall along Lake Erie in Cleveland is now The Wall in Westeros.

snow coming into house during blizzard

Snow Is Taking Over

Thanks to crazy winds, snow is seeping through closed doors into houses.

blizzard from space

The View From Space Is Nuts

This photo, courtesy of gives new meaning to the phrase “beautiful but deadly.” And for more eye-popping photos, check out these 10 Breathtaking Shots of 2018’s First Supermoon. 

sharks in boston frozen to death

Sharks Are Freezing

In Boston, sharks are appearing on the shoreline, frozen to death 😱

cow climbs onto car for warmth

Animals Are Getting Desperate

Cows are climbing onto cars in order to get heat from the engine.

barge moving through frozen allegheny

Barges Are Freezing In Rivers

An aerial shot of a barge moving up the Allegheny in Pittsburgh.

nyc platform in snow

Subway Platforms Are Now Ice Trays

At least the NYC subway is still running... sort of.

fountain in north carolina is frozen

Fountains Are Now Ice Sculptures

 captured this incredible shot in North Carolina’s Downtown Cary Park. 

Laure Ingle reports on bomb cyclone

Reporters Look Like Mountain Climbers

There’s no snow day for Fox News reporter Laura Ingle and her colleagues.

windshield wipers frozen in snow

Windshield Wipers Are Sticking Up Like Antlers

Turning on your windshield wipers in Charleston, South Carolina, will definitely not save you from this weather.

jefferson memorial in bomb cyclone

Pools Are Now Ice Skating Rinks

As this photo of the Jefferson Memorial in Washington D.C. proves.

blizzard in charleston, nc

The South Is a Winter Wonderland

Charleston, South Carolina, doesn’t often get much of the white stuff, so people are excited.

icy road by palm tree in florida

Even Florida Is Iced Over

“Yeah, there’s something not right about an icy road next to a palm tree!” wrote the police in Lake City, Florida.

man with snotsicles

Snot Is Freezing

Snotsicles are happening.

nyc in winter storm grayson

NYC Looks Abandoned

With schools and many offices closed and a state of emergency in place, people are staying off the streets whenever possible.

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