Watch Adorable Police Dog Do Pushups to "Eye of the Tiger"

It's the #WednesdayMotivation we all need.

It's no secret that the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas is one of the hardest times to hit the gym. Luckily, you've got Nitro, a 2-year-old Dutch Shepherd who joined Alabama's Gulf Shores Police Department's canine unit in February, to motivate you.

On Saturday, Gulf Shore Officer Cowan and Officer Hancock put up a video of them doing pushups with Nitro, set to the best pump-up song ever, "Eye of the Tiger." The video quickly went viral, getting almost 500k views in just over 3 days.

But the popular clip isn't just funny, heartwarming, and inspiring, it's also a PSA. The 7-second video is part of #9PMRoutine, a social media trend began by the Pasco County Sheriff's Department in Florida that serves to remind people to remove valuables and lock up cars at the end of the day. So check it out, and be inspired to hit the gym. For more great fitness advice, here's the secret workout billionaires are doing. 

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