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5 Places Where Tipping Can Get You Much Better Service, Experts Say

Sometimes, a little gratuity can go a long way towards ensuring a great experience.

Even though it's not technically part of your bill, tipping is an essential part of many transactions in the service industry that allows workers to make a living. Of course, some people still struggle with just how much gratuity is required and can wind up suffering the consequences if they don't leave enough. But if you're looking to stand out as a star customer, there are a few places where using your wallet to show your appreciation can reap some instant benefits. Read on for the places where tipping can get you much better service, according to experts.

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The hotel concierge desk


At their very core, hotels operate thanks to the diligence of hard-working employees who ensure that your stay is a pleasant one. But there's one service in the hotel where leaving a little something extra can help smooth out your trip in many ways.

"Depending on the length of your stay and the number of times you will need their service, you may want to tip the hotel concierge after the first recommendation or service is arranged," says Jules Hirst, etiquette expert and founder at Etiquette Consulting. "People are more motivated to help when their work is appreciated. The tip shows appreciation, so your next request may lead to better service."

At your favorite restaurant


It's common knowledge that you should tip after a meal at a restaurant. But if you're a regular looking to make a good impression, going a little above and beyond can pay some serious dividends on future dining experiences.

"In the restaurant industry, sitting at the bar on date night or requesting to be seated in a particular server's section each time will give you the opportunity to build rapport with servers," says Bob Vergidis, chief visionary officer for restaurant software company Point of Sale Cloud. "By developing a relationship and demonstrating generous tipping, the waitstaff will be happy to see you and deliver top-notch service each time, guaranteeing a win-win situation."

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Before a tour on a trip

tourist in mexico looking at Mayan Ruins

Sometimes, even the most seasoned travelers can use a little outside expertise to get to know their latest destination. Just remember that you can likely get more out of your experience if you pay for your excursion the right way.

"Most people would assume you should tip your tour guide after the tour. However, tipping beforehand can lead to an overall better tour experience," suggests Hirst.

The benefits of being upfront with your appreciation will usually be quite obvious. "The tour guide may be more forthcoming with their knowledge, which will lead to a better, more personalized experience than if you had waited until the end of the tour," she adds.

When a valet takes your vehicle

man loo
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The employees who shuttle your car to and from its parking space at venues are typically accustomed to getting a little something for their trouble. But if you want to stick out in their minds, consider tipping generously as soon as you hand them your keys.

"Many drivers will tip the valet when they drop off their car. This is true, especially for drivers of high-end luxury vehicles, who want their cars handled with extra care," Hirst tells Best Life.

It can also help you get back on the road faster. "Drivers may also tip and request that the valet keeps their car up front as the driver's business may not take much time and the driver does not want to have to wait for their car when they have completed their business," she explains.

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When you order room service

Room service in hotel

It's not just the concierge where your gratuity will be appreciated. Consider leaving a little something extra for the employees who bring you breakfast in bed or that midnight snack right to your room.

"Unless you offer the tip while placing your order, it is difficult to tip the room service attendants prior to the delivery of your order. However, tipping them well on that first order should make your future orders much faster," Hirst says. "The generous tip can prompt the staff to be more attentive to your needs and prioritize your future orders, thus providing you with a better experience."

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