Patient Dog Politely Obeys Cafe's No-Dog Rules, Goes Viral

Such a good boy!

On Wednesday, a social media user named Jasmine posted a photo of a dog patiently waiting outside of a cafe that does not allow dogs. You can see that his leash is on the ground, which means his owner didn't even feel he had to tie him up or hold him, because he is a gentledog that respects the rules.

The tweet went viral, getting just over 148,000 retweets in just two days, and melted the hearts of people all over the world.

Jasmine responded to say that the owner was actually just outside of the frame, so the dog didn't need to wait too long for his beloved human to return. Still, it's disheartening how many places in America don't allow dogs. In Europe, it's quite common to enter a bar and see a dog patiently waiting on a stool while his owner uses the restroom. And who doesn't want to have a drink next to a friendly canine?

Nonetheless, as many users pointed out, the dog is much happier sitting outside the cafe than stuck at home alone. If there's anything we learned from this heartwarming, viral story of a dog in China that sits at the train station for 12 hours a day waiting for his owner to return from work, it's that hanging outside for their humans is a dog's happy place.

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