People Are Texting Their "Number Neighbors" and the Responses Are Hilarious

Your new BFF might be one digit away.

Every day there is something new circulating on Twitter keeping us entertained. Some days it's a heartwarming story about Keanu Reeves; other days it's ridiculous jokes about dogs in turtlenecks; and today, it's a challenge encouraging people to text their so-called "number neighbors."

What is a number neighbor, you ask? It's the person who shares the same phone number as you, save for the last digit; their's is either one lower or higher than yours. So, if your number is 867-5309, then your number neighbors are the folks behind 867-5308 and 867-5300.

For some, the number neighbors experiment has resulted in great conversations. One Twitter user named Jack, for instance, was able to bond with his number neighbor over their mutual love of rapper Travis Scott.

Meanwhile, another Twitter user was fortunate enough to receive a photo of a puppy in response to their message!

However, not everyone who participated in this challenge ended up with a new friend. It turns out, some people are not as receptive to receiving texts from strangers.

For one Twitter user named Colby, for example, the number neighbor challenge nearly led to jail time.

Other people, like this Twitter user named Alyssa, got blocked before she even had a chance to get to know her number neighbors. Ouch!

If you have yet to hear from your number neighbors, then consider reaching out and saying hello. Best case scenario you make a new friend, and worst case scenario they threaten to call the cops! And for more hilarious online tales, check out This Man's Hilarious Viral AirBnB Story.

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