Girl's Stolen Puppy Returned by "Remorseful" Thieves—Photos

It's the feel-good story we need.

Puppy returned by thieves

This week, a family living in Victoria, Australia, fell victim to a terrible burglary. Elena Sardi and her daughter, Maia, came home to find that thieves had broken into their house and stolen a number of valuables, including a laptop, an iPad, and some jewelry. But the most heartbreaking theft of all was that of their eight-week-old labrador retriever, Sasha, who was 4-year-old Maia's best friend.

Needless to say, the little girl was absolutely devastated, so the family put out a public appeal to bring the puppy back. Magically, it worked. On Thursday morning, Sardi was making herself a cup of coffee when she saw something moving outside the sliding door, in their backyard.

"Is it Sasha? is it Sasha?" [she] started screaming out and it was," Sardi's husband, Ryan Hood, told ABC.

Obviously, the little girl was ecstatic to have her best friend back, and the two have been inseparable ever since.

A photo of the happy pair circulated around the Internet, touching the hearts of everyone who saw it.

The family plans on taking the pup to the vet asap to make sure she wasn't hurt in any way, but she seemed in good spirits.

Police are still investigating the crime, since none of the other items were returned, but for the family, all that matters is that Sasha has come home.

"We like to think that whoever took her grew a conscience but possibly they were spooked by all the media attention," Hood told 10 Eyewitness News. Either way, we are just happy to have her back."

"It's like we won!" Sardi said. "Because we got her back and that's the most important thing. The family is reunited."

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