Adorable Police Dog Attempts to Perform CPR, Goes Viral

Reason 3,459,983 we do not deserve dogs.

A puppy named Poncho performs CPR on his handler at the Madrid police department.

If you're having a bad day, get ready for it to turn around. Back in June, the Madrid Police Department shared a video of a puppy named Poncho adorably (and ineffectively, we might add) performing CPR on his handler. Now, it's making the rounds again, thanks to a recent repost by the Twitter account @TheMedicalShots.

As the police department previously explained, the eight-year-old cocker spaniel doesn't really perform CPR. He was just simulating the move to a group of elementary kids visiting the police department to learn more about how first aid can help save lives.

Poncho is trained to detect explosives and follow laser lights, and while he may not be that useful in the event of a heart attack, it is so heartwarming to see how quickly he rushes to his partner's side, pausing to check for a heartbeat in between bouts of frantic jumping.

As the police department wrote in the original tweet, "A dog is the only being in the world that will love you more than it loves itself," quoting the 19th century American author Josh Billings.

Indeed, Poncho is not the only brave pup to have proven a dog's enduring loyalty.

Last year, a dog named Xiongxiong (which aptly translates to "Little Bear") went viral for waiting up to twelve hours a day at a train station in China for his human to come back from work. In December, a touching photo of a pack of dogs patiently waiting for their human to be released from the hospital broke everyone's hearts. And who could forget about Todd, the little pupper who took a bite to the face from a rattlesnake in a bid to protect his favorite person?

And while experts say it's not in the realm of reality to train a dog to actually perform CPR, police dogs are often trained to detect narcotics or explosives, apprehend criminals, patrol and track, and complete search and rescue missions. In fact, a dog named Frida has managed to find so many people trapped under rubble throughout her career as a rescue dog, Mexico erected a statue in her honor last summer. And for more proof that dogs are the absolute best, check out these Adorable Photos of Puppies Playing With Other Animals.

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