The No. 1 Reason Why You Need to Change Your Dating Profile Picture

If your dating profile picture looks like this, you could be missing out on matches.

There are tons of variables that come into play when you're online dating, from your response to prompts, to your opening message. However, the most influential piece of any online dating profile might just be the profile picture. You want the photos featured on your profile to showcase the type of person you are and help you get the best matches. While everyone is looking for something a bit different, certain types of pictures tend to get a "no" across the board. According to a dating app expert, if your dating profile features a picture on the more eccentric side, you may want to consider replacing it.

The brand manager of elite dating app Luxy, Raffael Krause, told us there are tons of different reasons a specific picture might not attract matches, most of which can be prevented. But Krause said outlandish pictures tend to receive fewer matches.

"Crazy cosplaying, like a guy having the Harry Potter's hairstyle, glasses, and scar; an 'improper' hairstyle, like wearing a mullet; or posing with weird animals, like a guy and his pet sloth," are some of the more peculiar pictures Krause has seen not perform as well on his dating app. While sloths and other strange animals don't seem to rake in the likes, Krause did note that pictures with horses did even better than photos featuring a dog.

Woman using a dating app on her phone

What's happening in the picture is not the only thing that matters. Krause told us that pictures that are blurry or taken from a bizarre angle also don't get a lot of love. When someone is sifting through an endless cycle of profiles, they want to be able to clearly identify the person on the other side, and quickly discern whether they could be a potential match. If your picture is unclear or obscure, it could easily cloud their judgment of you.

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High quality, more straightforward pictures tend to result in more success. So if your dating profile features your Halloween costume from 2015 that only a small sect of people would appreciate, you may want to consider swapping the photo. It could be costing you meaningful matches. And to maximize your profile picture, This Secret Dating Profile Picture Trick Will Get You Way More Matches.

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