He Played Atreyu in "The NeverEnding Story." See Noah Hathaway Now at 50.

The former child star has taken a couple of breaks from acting over the years.

When Noah Hathaway starred in The NeverEnding Story at age 13, it was far from his first role. He had appeared on many popular movies and TV shows, starting with the 1978 Battlestar Galactica movie and the TV series of the same name, in which he played Boxey. As a child star, he then moved on to appearances on Mork & Mindy, Eight Is Enough, Laverne & Shirley, and CHiPs, to name a few series. But, Hathaway's biggest role came in 1984 when he starred as the warrior Atreyu in The NeverEnding Story. The fantasy movie became a classic, and to this day, Hathaway celebrates the role through appearances at fan conventions and by posting fantatics' NeverEnding Story tattoos on his Instagram. Read on to learn more about his life since the movie came out.

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He continued acting sporadically.

A portrait of Noah Hathaway circa 1980
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Hathaway kept acting frequently in the couple of years that followed The NeverEnding Story. He was in episodes of few TV shows, including Family Ties, and he starred in the 1986 horror movie Troll. But, after 1986, he stopped acting, and didn't return until 1994 with the movie To Die, to Sleep. He then took another break from acting and returned to onscreen roles in 2012 with Sushi Girl, taking on a few more projects in the years that followed. His most recent movie is the 2016 horror film The Chair, and, on his Instagram, he has been sharing posts about filming a new project.

He became a tattoo artist.

Noah Hathaway in "The NeverEnding Story"
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In a 2012 interview with the Australian show Mornings, Hathaway shared that he and his ex-wife had opened a tattoo shop in Amsterdam and that he was still tattooing clients. He also spoke to TooFab about his tattooing experiences in 2016 and said that he had seen a lot of people with tattoos of Auryn, the medallion Atreyu wears in The NeverEnding Story, including someone who had his entire back covered with the image. TooFab also reported that Hathaway had spent some time working as a bartender, and his Instagram bio notes that he is an "NRA certified Pistol Instructor."

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He's married.

Noah Hathaway at ToyCon 2020
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Hathaway is married to Kayla Hathaway, and he often posts pictures of them together on his Instagram. One recent caption reads, "Not sure how I lived before we met and don't know what I did to deserve you….musta been good!!"

Hathaway also shared that he and his wife got to work together. Alongside a selfie of them both posted in June 2022, he wrote, "The wifey got to spend a day acting with me on this new film. 'I got a bullet with your name on it'. What a blast! She was so hilarious!! Definitely stole the scenes. [Expletive] I love that jerk!"

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He attends fan conventions to celebrate his '80s past.

Tami Stronach and Noah Hathaway at Comic Con Liverpool 2020
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Hathaway is still involved in the legacy of The NeverEnding Story through his participation in fan conventions. For instance, in 2020, he and NeverEnding Story co-star Tami Stronach, who played the Childlike Empress, took the stage together at Comic Con Liverpool. In October 2021, he posted a photo of himself with fans of the movie in costumes at Baltimore Comic-Con. "Baltimore Comic Con and then this happens lol my favorite yet!!" he wrote.

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