The Single Best Way to Make Your Phone Battery Last All Day

That lithium-ion battery starts degrading from day one. Here's how to stop it.

We can all agree that we'd like our phone batteries to last a bit longer. The good news: We can.

You've probably heard some of the tips for by now—keep the brightness down, close your apps, turn off Bluetooth when it's not in use, etc. But while these are all effective strategies for combating energy loss while your phone is out of use, they're actually not the most effective.

"The first and most important tip for extending your battery life is to use best charging practices," says Brandon Ackroyd, tech expert at Tiger Mobiles. Charging your phone correctly, he contends, "will outperform most other tips," even if they are followed vigilantly.

So—what are these best practices and how can you exploit them to keep your phone keeps on truckin' all day long?

Currently, all phones run on what are called lithium-ion batteries. These are employed because they are extremely small, but can also pack a hefty punch—perfect for powerful tech meant for your pocket. However, their biggest drawback is clear: From the moment they leave the factory, lithium batteries begin to degrade, in some cases unable to hold a charge at all within two years after purchase.

But while this degradation may be a natural part of the batteries themselves, some of it is also self-inflicted. "Lithium-ion batteries…do not respond well to being run all the way to 100% and then run all the way down to <20%," explains Ackroyd. A full charge, echoes Battery University, "stresses the battery….[and] reduces runtime."

To curb these harmful fluctuations—and keep your battery running at full strength—Ackroyd instead encourages charging off and on throughout the day, and keeping energy  levels above 60-70%. If you can manage the feat, he says, your phone will "last a lot longer."

So the next time you head out for the day with your smartphone in hand, make sure to pack your charger, and keep your eyes out for open wall sockets or charging ports. While this is sure to keep your battery outpacing all those around you, however, don't expect any miracles. "Batteries are going to deteriorate over time," admits Ackroyd, "[and] there's nothing you can do to stop that." And for more next-level knowledge about your smartphone, see these 20 Amazing Things You Didn't Know Your Smartphone Could Do.

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