15 Fascinating Photos of the Most Colorful Murals in the World

This vibrant street art will brighten your day.

Once the scourge of cities across the world, street art has become much more widely accepted, not only by the general public (thanks, Instagram!) but also the fine arts world, vis-à-vis artists like Banksy and Jean-Michel Basquiat, whose works have sold for $12.1 million and $110.5 million, respectively, at major auction houses. In fact, these days, local governments are even funding the kaleidoscopic walls as a means to boost tourism. Though travel is limited right now, you can still browse through these colorful murals to brighten your day. And for more eye-popping palettes, check out the 23 Stunning Photos of the Most Colorful Towns in the World.

Wynwood Walls, Miami

colorful mural in wynwood arts district, miami
Jason Bryan / Alamy

Artist Kenny Scharf created this mural in the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami. In 2009, the late developer Tony Goldman transformed the former warehouse district into a thriving arts enclave, at the heart of which is Wynwood Walls, an outdoor street art gallery.

Rainbow Village, Taiwan

rainbow village in taichung, taiwan
sanga park / Alamy

In 2008, Huang Yung-Fu, a retired soldier, began painting the remains of his village in Taichung, Taiwan, to peacefully protest its demolition by developers. The plan worked and the area, called Rainbow Village, has been preserved as a park. Huang, now 96, continues to paint today and has taken the moniker Grandpa Rainbow. And for more jaw-dropping imagery, check out the 27 Totally Insane Travel Photos You Won't Believe Are Real.

Rabat, Morocco

colorful wall mural in rabat morocco
Abdellah Azizi / Alamy

Artist Maya Hayuk painted her signature motif in Rabat, Morocco, for the city's inaugural Jidar street art festival in 2015. The murals provide an interesting juxtaposition with Morocco's ubiquitous Zellige tiles.

Hosier Lane, Melbourne

murals on hosier lane in melbourne, australia
Amril Izan Imran / Alamy

It should come as no surprise that artsy Melbourne has an alley dedicated to street art: Hosier Lane. The hashtag #hosierlane returns more than 180,000 photographs on Instagram. And for more stunning spots, here's How to See the World's Most Beautiful Places From Your Couch.

Graffiti Alley, Toronto

graffiti alley in toronto, canada
Performance Image / Alamy

Though Toronto's Graffiti Alley was originally covered in illicit tags, today building owners actually commission artists to decorate their exterior walls. There are even walking tours that explain the history of the street art.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

bob dylan mural in minneapolis minnesota

Minnesota's Hennepin Theatre Trust brought in Brazilian artist Kobra to create this Bob Dylan mural as a focal point in downtown Minneapolis. A team of six artists worked on the mural 12 hours a day for two weeks in 2015.

Kampung Pelangi, Indonesia

Rainbow painted house in Kalisari Rainbow Village
Hani Santosa / Alamy

The city of Semarang, Indonesia, contributed more than $20,000 to turn the former slum of Kampung Pelangi into a Insta-worthy destination by painting its houses in vibrant hues. The project was started by school principal Slamet Widodo, who was inspired by other colorful towns across the country.

World Trade Center, New York City

murals outside one world trade in new york city

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey teamed up with developer Silverstein Properties to sponsor this series of colorful murals at Manhattan's World Trade Center, brightening up an otherwise monochromatic neighborhood. The designs are by a handful of artists, including Todd Gray, Hektad, Stickymonger, boogieREZ, as well as husband and wife duo Chinon Maria and Sebastian Mitre.

Murals in the Market, Detroit

colorful mural of a face
wiredforlego / flickr

Detroit's annual Murals in the Market festival sees massive street art pieces painted throughout the city's Eastern Market district. This picture is of artist Hueman's mural from the 2016 event.

Houston, Texas

chameleon mural in houston texas
Joe Hendrickson / Alamy

Every two years, Houston hosts the Houston Urban Experience (HUE) Festival, in which street artists create new works around the city. Artist Anat Ronen painted this chameleon for the 2016 edition.

East Side Gallery, Berlin

colorful East Side Gallery in Berlin
JLBvdWOLF / Alamy

One of the most famous street art spots, East Side Gallery in Berlin is an outdoor collection of paintings on the remaining fragments of the Berlin Wall. There are more than 100 murals in the gallery, which in total spans roughly 4,300 feet in length. And for more historic sites, browse through these 50 Vintage Photos That Show What Travel Used to Look Like.

Batman Alley, São Paulo

murals of batman alley in sao paulo brazil
Karol Kozlowski Premium RM Collection / Alamy

In São Paulo, Brazil, the bohemian neighborhood of Vila Madalena is home to Batman Alley, a cobblestoned street lined with a variety of eye-popping murals. Want an insider tour? Guests of the Four Seasons São Paulo can book one with acclaimed street artist Speto, who lives and works in the area.

Shoreditch, London

Mural on Chance Street in Shoreditch, East End London
Jeff Gilbert / Alamy

Banksy might be the most famous London street artist (though he originally hails from Bristol, moving to the capital in 2000), but the city attracts thousands of equally talented creative types. Take German artist MadC, who painted this work in Shoreditch, a hub for the street art scene.

Manchester, England

street art in manchester, england
Hemis / Alamy

First an industrial town, then the heart of the punk rock scene, Manchester today has a creative personality, drawing in designers and artists. Its Northern Quarter is home to hip cafés, boutiques, and plenty of street art.

Barranco, Lima

colorful mural of a rhinoceros in a street in Barranco, a suburb of Lima, Peru
Graham Prentice / Alamy

The colorful, bohemian Barranco neighborhood in Lima, Peru, has long been a haven for creative types, and that includes street artists, who paint murals across the area.

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