The Yoga Moves That Will Transform Your Sex Life

The four best ways to improve your blood flow, loosen your back, and strengthen your "sexual core."

Yoga has a lot of obvious benefits: it can improve flexibility, strength, and mood. But there's another good reason that men in their prime should assume the first position: better sex.

Not only will you be in better shape, but "yoga enables you to try new positions," says Jacquie Noelle Greaux, a San Francisco-based yoga instructor and acupressure therapist who has been conducting hands-on research for more than a decade. Here is a quick routine you can try at home.

Run through the whole thing three to five times (it should take about 10 minutes), then grab your partner and, with Greaux's position suggestions, shake the room. And for more great health advice, be sure to read our 15 Ways to Look a Decade Younger.


Do it: Lie facedown on the floor as if you were about to do a push-up. Stay on the balls of your feet, inhale deeply, and then exhale as you push up until your arms are straight. Try to lengthen your body as much as possible while keeping it as straight as a plank. Hold for 30 seconds.

Sex benefits: Lengthens the spine and strengthens your shoulders and lower-back muscles, while toning your abs and sexual core (pelvis and perineum).

The Greaux version: Surf's Up. Get into the plank position and have your partner lie underneath, moving up and down to meet you.

Upward Dog

Do it: Start out like you would for the plank, except this time balance on the tops of your feet. Straighten your arms, arch your back, and push your torso up. The only thing touching your mat should be the palms of your hands and the tops of your feet. Hold for 30 seconds.

Sex benefits: Increases blood flow to your sexual core, improves lower-back flexibility, and develops wrist, arm, and abdominal strength.

The Greaux version: The Conquest. Get into the upward-dog position while your partner lies underneath, performing quick upward motions to stimulate you. If you've got a ways to go in the flexibility department, give yourself a hand with The World's Single Greatest Stretch.


Do it: In a seated position, bring the soles of your feet together. Clasp your fingers around your feet. Inhale and stretch so that the top of your head points toward the ceiling and your chin points down toward your chest. Then exhale and press your arms and elbows down on top of your inner thighs or knees. Keep your abdomen hollow (pull your navel toward your spine). Breathe normally and hold for 30 seconds.

Sex benefits: Increases blood flow to your pelvis, reduces anxiety and fatigue, and stimulates your reproductive, nervous, and respiratory systems.

The Greaux version: Rock Steady. Sit face-to-face with your partner, wrap your legs around each other, and rock.

Chill Out

Do it: Get on your hands and knees. Lower your butt to your heels and put your head on the floor. Let your arms rest alongside your body with your palms (near your feet) facing the ceiling. Breathe deeply and press your stomach against your thighs. Hold for one minute.

Sex benefits: Loosens the back, opens the hips, increases pelvic blood flow, and relaxes the brain. "This pose will get your mind off your to-do list and on to sex," says Greaux.

The Greaux version: Double Triangle. Your partner spreads her legs, bends over, and holds a piece of furniture while you stand behind her.

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