This Hilarious Zucchini "Newborn" Photo Shoot Is Cracking Everyone Up

Spoiler alert: They ate it.

Jenn Spain is a Los Angeles-based photographer and for fun, she likes to garden, growing zucchini, spaghetti squash, tomatoes, and more in her backyard. Recently, Spain and her husband, Josh Hertz, harvested a particularly massive zucchini from their garden and Spain had an idea.

"I thought it would be really funny to do a maternity photo shoot with our mutant zucchini, and, luckily for me, my husband is always down for fun irreverence," Spain told Best Life.

zucchini maternity photoshoot
Courtesy of Jenn Spain Photography

Though she says zucchinis are at their "most delicious when they're at six to eight inches," this little guy grew to five pounds, six ounces—it was basically the size of a newborn baby. "Zucchini grows incredibly quickly," Spain said. "This one was out of control!"

As a professional photographer, she does a lot of photo shoots, so she knew just how to set thing up for the zucchini's big moment.

jenn spain maternity photoshoot
Courtesy of Jenn Spain Photography

She posted the photos on Reddit on September 8th, and they immediately inspired quite a lot of praise. "This is literally the greatest thing I've seen today," one Reddit user wrote. "We're very proud parents and we're excited to eat our baby, thank you for your support," Spain responded.

Spain was surprised that the photo shoot garnered so much attention, but she's glad the responses were positive and that no one seemed offended by the concept.

As for the fate of their zucchini, Spain admitted, "We ate it. We baked him into some loaves of zucchini bread." (You can find the recipe here.)

As another Reddit user joked, "I think we need a zucchini loaf shoot in a graduation cap next." Stay tuned!

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