Zach Braff Is the New Face of Russian Impotence

The "Scrubs" star is just the latest unwitting celebrity spokesman abroad.

Scrubs star Zach Braff celebrity commercial

Russian fans of Scrubs might be accustomed to seeing Zach Braff's face on highway ads or along their morning commute. But, lately, he's been showing up in ads in Russia for very special medical reasons, and it hasn't escaped his notice: 

The ad, which is rather hard to miss, reads, "For 18 years, we've been reinstating masculine strength! REINSTATE YOUR MASCULINE STRENGTH!!! CALL THIS NUMBER 60-60-60, 452 Moskovskaya Street, Saratov, Russia."

As a Russian speaker, I kindly pointed it out to him that "reinstating male strength" was an obvious euphemism for impotence.

He took it surprisingly well.

Clearly, you can't bring Zach Braff down. #rimshot.

Fans of the star were quick to remind him that things could always be worse:

Like, a lot worse.

Jensen Ackles crying about recovering from alcoholism through the will of God: 

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie on sample headstones: 

Brad Pitt selling Belarussian makeup: 

Angelina Jolie selling saunas: 

Britney Spears advertising a tasty shwarma: 

And that Dr. John Dorian not the only Scrubs character who's been, shall we say, repurposed since the show ended:

But, then, he probably already knew that because he also conveniently repairs computers:

It's not too much of a surprise, given that Scrubs is still one of the most popular shows throughout Russia, rivaled only by Friends and How I Met Your Mother (yes, they're a little behind). So take it as a compliment, Zach, because you're the new face of Russian #bonersolutions.

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