Woodsman's Facebook Post on Dealing With Isolation Goes Viral

Hoppy Quick's inspiring advice on how to cope as the world shuts down due to coronavirus is going viral.

As coronavirus anxiety soars and the U.S. prepares for a national lockdown, a Facebook post by a woodsman named Hoppy Quick is going viral for spreading some positivity in all this chaos. According to his Facebook page, Hoppy Quick is a "free spirited bohemian" and an "old-school woodsman" who makes hand-carved wooden bear sculptures in the Catskill Mountains of upstate New York. On Mar. 13, he posted a message with some much-needed "advice for people as the world begins to shut down around us"—and it's since been shared nearly 70,000 times.

"If the world is forcing you into isolation, embrace it," he wrote. "Quarantine doesn't have to be scary."


Quick advised to "look for those things at home you wanted to do but didn't have the time." Perhaps this could be your opportunity to finally get through that stack of books by your bed, or learn more about meditation, or practice guitar.

He also wrote that though you should "avoid people … don't avoid water or the woods" because "nature is good medicine."

But, most importantly, "always be optimistic," Quick said.

"There will always be that pessimist," he wrote. "You know the one. When you say it's a beautiful day, they say 'But it's gonna rain later.' We are all dealing with the same pandemic. Let your positive outlook help get you through."

Quick's post has received more than 37,000 likes and 68,000 shares in just three days, with readers thanking him for the simple but sunny message.

"That is what we all need: positivity," one Facebook user wrote.

"Let's make the best with what we have," another Facebook user wrote. "Do what you can do, work with what you have , help where you can, give what you can and love one another."

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