New Study Says Women Have Sex Dreams As Often As Men Do

"Modern women deal with sexuality more openly than women of previous generations."

For most of history, it's been naturally assumed that men are much more interested in sex than women are. But an increasing body of research is disputing this long-held theory. For example, recent studies have shown that, contrary to popular belief, there are many women who have higher libidos than men and even get bored of monogamy faster than their male partners.

Now, a new study published in the journal Psychology & Sexuality has revealed that men are certainly not the only gender to experience erotic dreams. Researchers asked 2,907 men and women aged 16 to 92 about the frequency of their sex dreams, and found that both genders said about 18 percent of their dreams were erotic in nature. Men between the ages of 16 and 30 reported that 25 percent of their dreams involved sexual elements, compared to 22 percent for women in this age group.

For women, this figure is much higher than it was in previous decades, as the authors of this new research note that a previous study, conducted in 1966, claimed that less than four percent of women experienced erotic dreams. Given that these findings are self-reported, it's possible that women today are more sexual than they used to be—although it's probably more likely that women are simply more comfortable with expressing their sexuality than they were before. After all, the famous sex researcher Alfred Kinsey found that 65 percent of women experienced sex dreams at some point in their lives and 20 percent even had nocturnal orgasms from them as far back as the 1950s.

"The gender difference in the percentage of erotic dreams in men and women aged 16 to 30 in the present study is lower than that found in a 1966 study, which could reflect the evolution induced in modern societies by the feminism movements," the paper reads. "One might speculate that younger women in modern society deal with sexuality more openly than older women of previous generations."

That's certainly something to celebrate. And for more good news in the category of sexual health, check out The Amazing Benefit of Having Sex As You Get Older!

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