The Riskiest Health Mistake Women Keep Making, Nurse Says

Don't make this mistake and risk your long-term health.

With everything else going on in the world, it's easy to forget to keep up with your physical well-being. Who among us hasn't ignored a strange pain here and a weird spot there? However, the truth is, one day your health may take a turn that you could have seen coming, which is why the best defense is a good offense. Yet, when it comes to women's health in particular, the riskiest health mistake women continue to make is skipping preventative health appointments, according to Suzie Devine, RN, MSN, founder of women's health company Binto.

Devine says the worst thing women can do for their health is neglect these pivotal appointments, which include general annual physicals, immunizations, breast health checks, and gynecologist visits. "Don't put those things off because not getting STI and STD testing or getting a mammogram, all of those things add up and impact your health and wellness," the nurse explains.

While preventative care is essential for both men and women, Devine says keeping up with these appointments is extra crucial for women "because our hormones dictate everything," says Devine. The various hormones coursing through women's bodies can negatively impact different aspects of our health, from energy level to weight to mood, according to Hormone Health Network. An imbalance of the hormone estrogen alone could cause issues with the reproductive system, urinary tract, heart, bones, muscles, brain, skin, breasts, and more, according to the University of Rochester Medical Center.

Woman at the gynecologist

Keeping tabs on all of the facets of your health can be challenging, but that's exactly why seeking preventative care is key to avoid having to treat problems later on. Attending these preventative health appointments ensures that your health care provider will be able to catch anything troubling early on so they can treat it proactively.

Additionally, preventative health appointments allow experts to give you advice on taking care of yourself daily to promote meeting your personal health goals so you can be the best version of yourself.

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Of course, in the past six months, with the COVID pandemic transforming every aspect of life as we know, how we receive medical attention has changed too. It's now easier to get care in many ways due to the widespread use of telehealth, which is a great option for busy women. "Even if it just means getting a telehealth appointment with a provider, please do it," Devine urges. After all, chatting with your doctor through a webcam is much more effective than skipping the appointment altogether. And for more health tips for women, check out 50 Signs of Poor Health Women Should Never Ignore.

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