This Woman's Side-by-Side Photo Reveals Why "Insta Booty" Shots Are Fake

Objects in mirror are not the size they appear.

Anna Victoria shares side by side photo of her butt

If you spend a lot of time on Instagram, you know it's where the "booty selfie" reigns supreme. The feed is awash with them in thongs in front of a stunning ocean vista, ones that look like freshly picked peaches or two scoops of butter pecan ice cream, and ones that, oftentimes, might make you feel a little insecure about your own.

But personal trainer Anna Victoria is here to remind you that not everything on Instagram is what it seems. In a side-by-side photo that is now going viral, Victoria showed her 1.3 million followers that, more often than not, that "Insta Booty" is all about the positioning of the body and angle of the shot.

"A lot of the booty pics you see on Instagram are flexed, pushed out, back arched so much it actually hurts…plus high waisted pants that accentuate a small waist and lift the booty too…there are so many ways to make it look 10x bigger on insta than in real life, and I do it too!!" she wrote. "I love posing and admiring the 'Instagram booty' but that's not my real booty. And I'm okay with that."

Victoria admitted that, growing up, her booty was her biggest insecurity, and that, even now, she gets unflattering comments about her "lack" of one.

And even though she works out a lot, she's come to accept that exercise can only take you so far, and to love her body the way it is.

"One thing I've loved about fitness is the ability to sculpt your body in various ways BUT there's only so much muscle you can build on your butt," she wrote. "It may not look like what someone else would consider an ideal booty, but it's mine!! Not theirs. And I've had to work hard to love it and to shape it and to love it no matter the shape or size. People are always going to have opinions on your body. Do they hurt sometimes? Yes. But a wise woman once said, 'You could be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world and there will still be someone who hates peaches.'"

Anna Victoria shares side by side booty photo

Her body positive message is inspiring. And if you'd like to follow her lead, but sure you know these 30 Ways to Feel Better About Your Body Instantly. 

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