If You Have This Sauce at Home, Throw It Away Now, FDA Says

Get rid of this popular sauce before you put your health at risk.

Before you break out a package of chicken wings to grill up now that summer's almost here, check to make sure the sauce you're using with them is safe to consume first. On March 22, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced the recall of Taste of Inspirations Parmesan Garlic Wing Sauce due to an undeclared allergen. The affected products were sold at Food Lion stores in the U.S. between Feb. 20, 2021 and March 5, 2021.

The sauce subject to the recall may contain fish that's not listed on the label, thus presenting a health risk to anyone with fish allergies or sensitivities. The sauce in question can be identified by UPC number 72543999037, lot code 210305, and a best by date of March 5, 2022. If you have fish allergies, the FDA recommends that you don't consume the affected wing sauce. However, anyone with the wing sauce at home can return it to the Food Lion from which it was purchased and receive twice their purchase price as a refund, thanks to the store's "Double Your Money Back Guarantee." The Taste of Inspirations sauce joins a long list of popular foods to be pulled from the market recently; read on to discover if you should be clearing any food out of your kitchen now. And or more recall news, If You Have This Pasta at Home, Get Rid of It Now, USDA Says.


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On March 20, the United States Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) announced the recall of 68 different types of meat-stuffed pasta made by Avanza Pasta LLC. The products in question were recalled after it was discovered that they hadn't undergone the appropriate inspection by the FSIS. If you have any of the affected pastas at home—all of which are listed in the FSIS recall notice—do not consume them, but rather return them to the point of purchase for a refund. And for the latest recall news delivered straight to your inbox, sign up for our daily newsletter.

Bottled water

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Water's generally considered to be a healthy beverage, but if you purchased yours from one company in particular, it could be putting you in harm's way. The FDA announced on March 16 that it was investigating five cases of non-viral hepatitis thought to be related to the consumption of Real Water brand alkaline water. If you have the affected water at home, the FDA is advising you "to not consume, cook with, sell or serve 'Real Water' alkaline water until more information is known about the cause of the illnesses." If you notice symptoms of hepatitis, including but not limited to loss of appetite, fever, fatigue, joint pain, yellow eyes, abdominal pain, or vomiting, and have consumed Real Water alkaline water, contact your doctor. And for more foods to avoid, If Your Milk Carton Doesn't Say This, the CDC Says Don't Drink It.

Chicken noodle soup

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Chicken noodle soup may be your go-to food when you're feeling sick, but a popular brand of chicken soup may actually make you sick, as it's included in a new health alert. On March 12, the FSIS announced that 24-oz. plastic containers of Signature CAFÉ Chicken Noodle Soup with White Meat Chicken were subject to the health alert after it was discovered that they were labeled as gluten-free, when they may actually contain the allergen, thus potentially triggering a reaction in individuals with gluten allergies or sensitivities. If you have the affected soup in your kitchen, contact Christine Wilcox, G.V.P. Communications, Albertsons Companies at [email protected] with questions or return it to the store where you purchased it for a refund.

Turkey sandwiches

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On March 10, MG Foods announced the recall of 34 different types of turkey sandwich after it was discovered they may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes, which can cause serious—and potentially deadly—infections. The recall was subsequently expanded on March 19 to include three more varieties of turkey sandwich. If you have the recalled sandwiches—all of which have already expired by this point—in your fridge, don't eat them, but instead call MG Foods at 855-424-8390 to get a refund. And for more foods to toss from your kitchen, If You Have These Seasonings at Home, Get Rid of Them, USDA Says.


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