This Wife's Rules for her Husband's Bachelor Trip Will Horrify You

"All phones need to be tracked at all times."

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We've all seen the movies and heard the horror stories about bachelor parties that turned into nights of utter debauchery, so it's understandable why some spouses would feel nervous about them. Since open communication is the foundation of any relationship, it's fine to express any qualms you might have prior to your husband or boyfriend attending a stag party. But trust is also important, which is why one woman's list of the bachelor party rules for her husband is striking people as…a bit much.

"So hubby has been invited to a bachelor party," she wrote on Facebook. "I'm more than happy for him to go, but … I was thinking of writing a list of rules for all to follow."

They start out reasonably—with no illegal drugs. And if her husband quit smoking, it makes sense that she wouldn't want cigarettes around (though it's a little unfair to impose that on others). But the bans on any cars other than taxis, swearing, gambling, and "play wrestling" really take things to the next level.

But what makes the list seem more like something a helicopter mom would write for her teenage son going to his first house party is the fact that everyone—not just her husband, everyone—needs to be home by midnight. Oh, and also: "All phones need to be tracked at all times."

wife's insane list of rules for bachelor party goes viral

While we can't see the comments, her follow-up response, which was posted on Reddit, appears to indicate that people who saw the post told this woman she was being a bit too controlling and should trust her husband to make responsible, adult choices.

"Okay, guys, I have taken your feedback and you're right," she later wrote. "I can't control him once he leaves the house and I can't control his friends." Reading this, you figure she's about to say that she's accepted the fact that her husband is an individual who deserves to be able to make some of his own decisions. But instead she finishes strong with, "So I've decided just to not let him go."

Redditors have found the woman's rules to be both hilarious and horrifying. "I thought she was getting reasonable and sane during the first part of that, until 'So I decided to just not let him go,'" one user wrote.

Others posed their own sarcastic additions. "11. Teacups must be used with saucers," another added.

And some people found it so unbelievable that they thought it must be fake. That said, another Redditor noted, "I was married to someone like this. Believe me, it's not fake." Hey, at least the woman is not alone, right?


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