Why One Widow's Public Note by a Lake Is Breaking Hearts on Twitter

A stranger's message leads to a touching act of kindness.

The BVGS Rowing Club in Birmingham honored a widow's plea to throw a rose in a lake.

Recently, a Twitter thread went viral for detailing all the ways in which a small gesture of kindness from stranger made a big impact on someone else's life. Now, a new tweet shows how someone doesn't even need to be present for this small, selfless act in order for it to warm the hearts of more than just the recipient.

A few days ago, Bishop Vesey's Grammar School Rowing Club in Birmingham, England, came across a red rose along with a note pinned to a lake's gate that read the following:

"Please can someone throw this into the lake for me? My late husband's ashes are in the lake and I can't get to to the lakeside in my wheelchair anymore and gates are locked—have to drive back up north tonight. Thank you x"

It's only too easy to ignore a request like this one, but they didn't. Instead, they threw the rose into the lake, as instructed, and then posted photos on Twitter with the caption, "This note was left on the gate at the water this afternoon. No name or number left but whoever you are, rest assured your rose is in place in the middle of the lake."

The tweet went viral, gaining over 48,000 retweets and 169,000 likes in just four days, with many commenting that it restored their faith in the good of humanity.

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