Why Astrologists Say Today Is the "Worst Day of the Year"

December 21 marks a celestial event that hasn't happened since 1664.

winter solstice

2017 has been a rough year, for a lot of reasons, but, apparently, we're hitting peak terribleness today.

December 21st marks the Winter Solstice, which heralds the official start of winter, resulting in the shortest day and the longest night of the year. Because it is a day marked by cold and darkness, it tends to make people quite depressed. But that's not even what makes today so extra awful.

According to a well-known astrologer named Neil Spencer, today is marked by a celestial event that hasn't happened since 1664. At 11:28 a.m., the precise time of the solstice, the sun will move into Capricorn hours after Saturn makes the same shift, causing the orbs to line up.

As such, Spencer advises against starting anything new today, and warns that getting tasks done will be more frustrating than usual, since "Saturn sets tasks at work, brings grumpy partners, physical stress and grey skies."

Not to mention, "since Saturn rules the sign of the Goat, matters Capricornian are brought to the fore; the establishment, the patriarchy, big business, property." Which means they are the ones in power. (Because we haven't had enough patriarchy this month already, sheesh.)

However, here's the good news! The fact that we're at peak terribleness means that things can only go up from here. After all, the whole idea behind the winter solstice is that is shepherds our slow march into spring. From tomorrow onwards, we'll be getting a little more sunlight every day until June.

So hang in there! And for more upbeat news, check out the 25 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues. 

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