Why One Clothing Store's Groundbreaking Ads Are Going Viral

Models of different sizes wearing the same thing? Yes please.

online retailer PLT get praise for body positive campaign

Ever since Linda Bacon published the groundbreaking Health at Every Size in 2010—officially launching the body positive movement—there's been an ongoing push for women's apparel brands to feature ads that celebrate a wide variety of body shapes and sizes. And while we've definitely made progress on that front, it's taken until 2018 to finally see something that, in retrospect, seems so obvious you can't believe it's taken so long to actually happen: models of different sizes wearing the exact same item of clothing in the same clothing advertisement.

That's exactly what the UK online fashion retailer Pretty Little Things just did, releasing a series of ads in which two differently-sized models wear the same exact item of clothing and stand side by side looking equally fabulous.

The campaign is for the new Hailey Baldwin collection.

And it's really empowering.

Having gone viral, many social media users are saying that this kind of campaign finally erases the assumption that some clothing is meant only for petite women whereas others are for those who are plus-sized.

It's not just about promoting different body types either. Many social media users were thrilled to see a wider variety of skin tones than usual as well.

And even people who don't particularly like the brand say that this is the way to do it.

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