What's New in Men's Hair Care

Here are some new tools more men are adding to their hair-care toolbox.

Hair. It's your crowning glory, and that's why you need to stay on top of the latest products and procedures that will ensure that your mane is looking as full, thick and lustrous as possible.

Dry Shampoo

Death Valley Dry Shampoo

Here's something that the ladies have known all along: washing your hair every day isn't a good idea. Why? Shampoo tends to dry out the hair, stripping it of the natural oils that keep it looking lustrous and healthy. So shampoo on alternate days, and rinse your hair with water in between. If you have oily hair and can't stand not lathering daily, buy a dry shampoo. It can add volume and life to your hair when it's struggling under the weight of an extra day's sebum. Try Death Valley Dry Shampoo, which is scented with bergamot and cedarwood.
$29 at randco.com

Scalp Micropigmentation

scalp micropigmentation

A cure for male-pattern baldness has been sought for millennia, and we're closer to finding one than ever before. Transplants work best, but the results are limited by how much donor hair you have to spare. A semi-permanent solution is scalp micropigmentation. Similar to the process of getting a tattoo, tiny needles are used to add pigment to your thinning dome. Places like Omni Aesthetic in New York City are adept at giving the illusion of a full, three-dimensional head of hair. The procedure can cost between $1,200-$6,000; top-up treatments are required every three to five years.

Sea Salt Spray

Sea Salt Spray

Ever notice how good your hair can look after a day at the beach? Here's the science: the salt in the air contributes to the salt-and-hydrogen bonds in your hair, which represent two-thirds of its overall strength. The good news is you don't have to wait until summer to achieve your best hair days. Try beach visits in a bottle, like Ocean Mist by Sachajuan.
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Next-Gen Minoxidil

Next-Gen Minoxidil

Minoxidil has been shown to be effective in stopping male-pattern baldness, or at least slowing it down a good amount. If you've ever used it, you'll know that the feeling of applying this stuff is pretty nasty. It has a viscosity of the liquid sugar at coffee shops, and as such tends to make already-thinning hair look sparser. Qilib is next-generation minoxidil that sprays on like a hairspray, eliminating ooze.
$17 at amazon.com

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