23 Amazing Things Your Body Says About You

You're wearing your heart on your sleeve—literally.

There are a million resources out there for learning more about your body, from the loftiest of med schools on down to Wikipedia and WebMD. But, if you've got a simple mirror handy, you'll find that one of the absolute best resources for understanding your physical existence is not only free but also staring you right in the face.

Yes, the thing that can teach you the most about your body is, well, your body. By thoroughly examining the intricacies and oddities that make you you—things like your eye color, your face shape, even your unnoticeable habitual ticks—you're certain to uncover all manner of secret messages. Some are sure to bear good news. Others? Well… Here, to guide you on the path of what, exactly, to keep an eye out for, we've uncovered the 23 most amazing things your body says about you.

Asymmetrical facial features = You're a better team leader.

Asymmetrical Face Things Your Body Says About You

According to a study published in The Leadership Quarterly, those people with asymmetrical facial features—an ear placed higher than the other, say, or a sharp point on one side of the nose—were found to be better at taking charge and showing initiative, and were more likely to persuade others to put aside their personal interests for the wellbeing of the group.

O blood type = You're more likely to be bitten by a mosquito.

Mosquito Bug-Bite Things Your Body Says About You

According to researchers at the Institute of Pest Control Technology in Japan, in a controlled setting, mosquitos are more likely to latch on to a person with an O blood type—though researchers aren't sure why this occurs. So, if you're one of the "oh, they just think my blood is sweet" types, hey, you might actually be onto something.

A longer index finger than ring finger = You're less likely to get prostate cancer.

man counting on fingers Things Your Body Says About You

While there is still much research to be done, many scientists have actually backed up this claim. In fact, those with longer index fingers than ring fingers had a 33 percent less chance of getting prostate cancer in their lifetime. This was backed up by a study published in 2011, which found that the inverse was also true—that those with longer ring fingers tended to have a higher chance of hearing a prostate cancer diagnosis.

A bilateral ear crease = You might have an increased risk for developing a coronary artery disease.

Man Having a Heart Attack Things Your Body Says About You

Researchers in China have proven this strong correlation to be true, and found that even those with a unilateral crease were found to be at a higher risk for the disease, though the risk wasn't as elevated as those with the bilateral crease.

Brown eyes = You might have a decreased tolerance for alcohol.

drunk man Things Your Body Says About You

According to researchers from Georgia State University, since people with brown eyes have more melanin in their brains—meaning the brain's processing power is increased—it actually takes their body less time to process the alcohol, which, in tandem, makes them feel drunk much faster.

A large forehead = You're likely to be more intelligent than others.

Smart Businessman Things Your Body Says About You

Yeah, that's right: as it turns out, your large forehead actually could be making room for your larger brain—kind of. According to researchers at Edinburgh University, babies born with bigger foreheads are likely to be more intelligent than their smaller-headed counterparts, the Independent reported. By measuring the width of the babies' foreheads and mapping out their academic achievements later on in life, researchers were able to determine that those with bigger foreheads were much more likely to be smarter. Further, the study found a link between brain size and intelligence in the 100 participants.

An oddly-placed belly button = You might be better at running or swimming.

Couple Running Things Your Body Says About You

According to a study published in the International Journal of Design and Nature and Ecodynamics, the position of your belly button could say a lot about your ability as a runner and swimmer, the Atlantic reported. Since your belly button acts as your center of gravity, runners who have a belly button located higher up on their bodies tend to have longer waists and an elevated center of gravity, making them faster than others with a lower point of gravity. On the other hand, the study found that those people with a belly button located closer to their pelvis tend to be better swimmers, as more of their power is located in their torso.

Longer eyebrows = You might be better at dealing with stress.

woman smiling happy Things Your Body Says About You

As facial reading expert Jean Haner told Cosmopolitan, those equipped with longer eyebrows tend to also be better listeners. However, on the other end of the eyebrow spectrum, people with shorter eyebrows don't deal with stress very well, and often don't want to get involved in their friend's affairs or dole out advice.

Rapid blinking = You might be attracted to someone.

Happy couple flirting Things Your Body Says About You

According to Blake Eastman, a body language expert and the founder of The Nonverbal Group, rapid eye-blinking is one of the more subtle reactions the body conjures. And yet, it's very real. If you find yourself blinking at a rate of more than 10 blinks per minute—or if you spot someone else blinking at that rate—there could be some latent feelings of emotional excitement or lust at play.

Contaminated hair follicles = You're engaging in illegal activity.

Woman's Hair Things Your Body Says About You

Others might be able to tell what illicit substances, if any, you've taken in the past three months. Similar to body language, your hair can reveal some pretty interesting secrets about your life. In fact, just one follicle of hair has the ability to hold trace amounts of scheduled substances—like cocaine, amphetamines, marijuana, and opioids, among numerous others—for 90 days or more. This is why some employers insist on giving employees hair follicle drug tests, as they are far more revealing than the standard-issue pee-in-a-cup method.

You're on the shorter side = You might live longer.

Older Couple Things Your Body Says About You

According to research out of the University of Hawaii John A. Burns School of Medicine, found that shorter people actually possess a gene that makes them live longer than their taller counterparts. This gene, called FOXO3, has now been linked to body size and longevity, which was put on display in their analysis of 8,000 subjects over a 40-year period. At the conclusion of the study, researchers actually found that those participants five foot two inches and under actually lived longer than those participants who were five-foot-four-inches and taller.

A bigger nose = You might be a more successful businessman or woman.

Businessman Looking Away Things Your Body Says About You

According to face reader Sandra Jean Copperfield, a bigger nose means that you're more likely to succeed in business ventures, and therefore, more likely to become wealthy. Further, your positivity, great instincts, and ambition will make you a favorable leader in any business setting.

Square toes = You might be more practical.

Practical Person Things Your Body Says About You

The same goes if your toes put together seem to make a more square shape, or if of your toes seem to measure out to the same height. In either case, you are likely to more likely to take a logical and practical approach to your affairs than others, according to Good Housekeeping magazine. Also called the "Peasant Foot," those with this foot shape are more likely to relentlessly examine every decision in their lives—no matter how small or unimportant they may be. Square-footed people also make the best friends, as they are incredibly dependable and trustworthy.

Wide hips = You could be more promiscuous than others.

Couple Talking Things Your Body Says About You

A study conducted at the University of Leeds found that females with wider hips were more likely to have a greater number of sexual partners. While conducting the study, researchers found that women with hips wider than 14.2 inches tended to have more one-night-stands, which, in turn, led to a higher number of sexual partners.

Deep red tongue = You might be missing out on some key nutrients.

woman sticking out tongue Things Your Body Says About You

While some acidic foods can cause temporary redness of the tongue, a more vibrant, lasting color may indicate a hidden vitamin deficiency. Along with weakness, fatigue, memory difficulties, and balance problems, a red tongue can point to a serious B12 deficiency in your body. To cure this deficiency, simply introduce foods into your diet that are rich with vitamin B12, like tuna, beef, clams, and trout.

Wide finger parting spread = You're more independent.

Female Solo Traveler Things Your Body Says About You

Lay your hands down flat on the nearest surface. Do you find that your fingers are spread more widely apart? If so, Kay Packard, the director of the American Academy of Hand Analysis, suggests that you'd rather seek solo adventures, and that you're more open to new experiences. In short, these are the world travelers among us. However, if you find that your fingers are held tightly together, it might indicate that you're more cautious and guarded.

High-arched feet = You're very self-sufficient.

Woman at Home Alone Things Your Body Says About You

As it turns out, the natural arch of your foot can say a lot about your personality. If you find yourself to be independent almost to the point of being completely anti-social, then the high arches in your foot might be to blame. And, as you might have already guessed, those with lower arches tend to be more outgoing, and therefore, value the company and emotional support of others.

Discolored fingernails = You might have undiagnosed health problems.

woman liver function Things Your Body Says About You

More than just pointing out serious diseases like kidney or liver disease, your nails can provide useful hints about how the rest of your body is functioning—or rather, how it's not functioning properly. According to the Mayo Clinic, nail clubbing, or the enlargement of the tips of your finger and corresponding nails, can point to a serious lung disease, liver disease, cardiovascular disease, or even AIDS. Further, spoon nails, or soft nails that look scooped out, can mean that you're incredibly anemic and are lacking the correct amount of iron. Finally, Beau's Lines, or indentations that run across the nails, can mean that you either have diabetes or are currently struggling with pneumonia, scarlet fever, or the measles.

Blue eyes = You're better at strategic planning.

Woman with Blue Eyes Things Your Body Says About You

If you find yourself excelling at things that require advanced planning, like golf, cross country running, and studying for exams, then you might be able to blame your successes on the color of your eyes, says a study conducted by the University of Louisville. As reported by the New York Times, this 2007 study found that participants with lighter eyes excelled more at strategic thinking, while those with darker eyes fared better with activities that required more agility and strength.

Square palms = You might be better at solving math problems.

Mathematician Things Your Body Says About You

Because those with square palms tend to see every situation only in black or white, it can make them more adept mathematicians, since most answers come in the form of one firm answer.

A longer big toe = You're more creative.

Man Writing Things Your Body Says About You

According to the foot-care experts at Pedi Reviews. (It could also indicate that you're a sharp thinker.) Though, don't be disheartened if your wish for creativity has not been fulfilled in your toe length—much of this research has only been conducted by foot and palm readers and has not yet been backed up by peer-reviewed scientific findings.

A longer third toe = You have boundless energy.

Energetic Woman Things Your Body Says About You

This is according to the folks at Pedi Reviews, who reckon that a longer third toe could reveal an endless resource of energy.

Thin legs = You could have poor metabolic health.

Woman With Legs Crossed Things Your Body Says About You

If fat has recently stopped collecting in your legs at all, it might be a sign of a weak metabolism, according to a 2017 study. If your metabolic health isn't what it used to be, it might point to a flaw in the way our body turns food into energy. This, in turn, could lead to a whole host of other medical problems, including cardiovascular disease. To turn your metabolic health around, try maintaining a more balanced diet.

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