Inside the Most Luxurious Dog Hotel in the World

These puppies are definitely living their best lives.

Luxury dog hotels have been around for a while, with some of them offering lavish amenities like Evian spring water, doggy spas, pools, "pawdicures," facials, on-site nutritionists, hair blowouts, doggie day trips, butlers (which, let's face it, every human is anyway), and more.

But Critterati, a brand new luxury dog hotel in Gurugram, India, and the first one to open in South Asia, is taking extravagant pet care to the next level. Each suite comes with velvet beds, soft-padded floors, plasma TV screens playing doggy content, play sessions, private balconies with city views, 24/hour medical care, and a private webcam that lets you check in on your fur baby whenever you want. At 120 square feet, it's also bigger than most NYC apartments, which makes me wonder: can I stay?

Luxury suite at Critterati pet hotel in India

Of course, an overnight stay at the suite also includes plenty of delicious snacks, as well as two meals a day. If His Majesty would prefer, however, he also has the option of descending to Friends N Fur, a pet cafe that also happens to be human-friendly. Its kitchen serves up a variety of tasty treats like muffins, tarts, pastries, cakes, cookie, ice-creams and shakes, along with a specially curated menu that offers healthy and nutritious meals. One would hope that peanut butter is on the menu. Did we mention that there's also non-alcoholic beer?

Of course, no luxury hotel say is complete without a lush spa experience, and for that, Critterati has its own persona spa, Care Castle. The Platinum Bathing Package, which starts at 1499 Indian rupees (~23), offers a generic bath (with the option of shampoo made out of Jojoba, Citronela, Cacao, Algodon, Aloe-Vera, Aloe-Vera & Bamboo), hair brushing, a blow-out, ear-cleaning, eye-cleaning, silk coat serum, hair trimming, natural perfume, and a pawdicure. Of course, an overnight stay also includes daily swimming sessions at the hotel's signature pool.

golden retriever getting a massafe

The price of a stay at Critterati suite depends on the size of the dog and the length of the day, with the lowest price set at 2999 rupees (~30 dollars) a night for a small dog, and 4499 rupees (~70 dollars) a night for an extra-large one. That's a lot for a country like India, where the average daily wage is only $12. But for owners that get a keen enjoyment from pampering their pooches and see their puppies as their children, it's totally worth it. And for more great pet coverage, here are the 15 Amazing Benefits of Adopting a Pet. 

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