10 Weird Things People Found While Decluttering in Quarantine

WWII-era explosives and bar soap with bite marks are among the most bizarre.

With spring cleaning season upon us, and people growing ever more restless from weeks spent in quarantine, many folks are using the time to sift through old boxes and dive into cluttered closets—often emerging with some peculiar finds. Some people have even taken to social media to share their strange discoveries and bizarre treasures with the world. With that, after scouring the web to see what offbeat objects have been discovered, here are 10 weird things people have found during quarantine.

A 12-year-old magazine that referenced coronavirus

Facebook user Shelly Weese Hutchinson was going through some boxes when she came across a 12-year-old magazine that cites coronavirus as a strain of the common cold. It also suggests blueberries as a way to ease symptoms—if only it were that simple. For information on what to do with old clothes during the pandemic, check out Can I Donate My Clothes During Coronavirus? Here's What to Know.

A bar of soap with a bite out of it

Twitter user @Blastsu found a bar of Irish Spring soap with a significant chunk nibbled off the edge. It looks like someone might have been caught swearing—or was just really, really hungry. And for more ways people are entertaining themselves, check out 18 Quarantine TikToks That Are Guaranteed To Make You Smile.


No skeletons were found in this closet, but there were some very realistic teeth. Facebook user Susie Sutton posted this video of someone cracking jokes with a an unspoken-for set of teeth. We just hope the owner of these chompers isn't missing them too much.

World War II-era explosive

A man in Oregon discovered a World War II-era explosive in his basement while he was spring cleaning. Police who responded to the scene eventually determined the item was an anti-tank munition and, thankfully, inert.

A disturbing amount of emoji pillows

It may not be all that strange to come across an old stuffed animal or one emoji pillow—we were all kids once, after all. However, this amount of squishy yellow faces starts to gives us the creeps.

A single Apples to Apples card

It's fairly common to have the game Apples to Apples stashed somewhere in your house, but finding this one loose card in the closet feels like some kind of sign. But a sign of what exactly?

A seven-year-old box of Oreos

The fact that Twitter user @loouaye found an empty box of Golden Oreos in his closet is a bit strange, but what really takes it up a notch in terms of weirdness is that it's from 2014. The only sensible reason for keeping this box is because One Direction is on the packaging, but maybe a simple poster would be better next time? For more funny moments of people making the best of being in lockdown, check out 13 Funny Quarantine Videos and Photos of People Entertaining Themselves.

A sparkly Snapple cap

Grammy-nominated artists have to clean out their closets too, and it seems like their discoveries are just as strange as the average person's. Musician Maggie Rogers found an old Snapple lid that she'd kept since high school and decorated it with glitter. The bottle cap offers a nice bit of wisdom for those stressing about their productivity in quarantine. And for tips on cleaning out your attic, check out 13 Brilliant Ways to Declutter Your Attic, According to Experts.

A vintage film projector

Three Sisters Home Sorters, who are experts at decluttering homes, recently found this antique projector in a client's home. We're guessing the contraption probably pre-dates Netflix by a couple of years or so.

A massive belt buckle

While he isn't sure if it's worth any money, Twitter user @Huskerhuntshawn seems pretty psyched about finding a limited-edition belt buckle from the '80s.

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