People Are Sharing the Weirdest Things Their Dogs Do and It's Hilarious

Their odd quirks only make them more lovable.

Some of the things that make pets an endless source of adorable entertainment are those little quirks that make them each unique. Recently, Twitter user Cody McGee shared a video of the, umm, unique way in which his pup likes to repose, and asked people to share the weird things their dogs do.

The thread went viral, gaining more than 14,000 retweets in just two days. And soon, the responses rolled in.

There's this lovable little weirdo, who seems to be quite comfortable.

And this corgi who likes to lay perfectly still like a stuffed animal and surrender himself to photosynthesis.

This little one does a great three-legged dog impression.

This one is very meticulous about his bedtime ritual, which we can respect.

And this one is really committed to good oral hygiene.

This little fella is definitely Right Bird.

And it's not really clear what's happening here, except that whatever it is is very cute.

This is just plain hilarious.

If you don't like to gnaw incessantly on your own foot, are you even a dog?

Ditto for needing to know where your human is at all times.

And, really, who doesn't like to rest their tongue against a nice, cold window on a warm summer day?

If nothing else, this Twitter thread should inspire all of us to let our inner weirdo free. After all, the fact that dogs do their own thing and don't care who knows it is one of the many things we can learn from them.

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